666 Park Avenue Seems Predictable

666 Park Avenue Seems Predictable

Bobby Rabaioli

If you had one wish, what would it be? And to get this wish, what would you do?  666 Park Avenue allows ordinary people to change their lives from being a nobody, to living at the top.  All they have to do is be careful what they wish for.  666 Park Avenue is based on Gabriella Pierce’s novel that has characters sell their sould to the Devil, which happens when they sign a lease for their apartment at a hotel called, “The Drake.”  666 Park Avenue airs on sunday nights at 10 p.m. right after Revenge.

The series starts off with a couple, Henry and Jane, who are interviewing for position as  managers at  The Drake, which is ironically located on 999 Park Avenue street.  Jane has a background in historical building preservation, which utimately leads to her receiving the job from Gavin Doren, owner of The Drake.  But Gavin Doren is not a regular owner, he finds out personal secrets of and exploits them by giving his workers and residents a chance to make it come true.

So far, a well known violinist who was the previous manager was trying to leave forever until The Drake did mysterious magic. As soon as the violinist heard this, he rushed out the front door, thinking he was safe, but at that moment he was sucked backed into the hotel and never seen again. Also, another resident at the hotel just wanted his wife back alive after she passed away, but only at Gavin’s mercy.  Gavin only wanted him to kill another man so his land would go up for sale. As soon as the man did this he had his wife back, but in order to keep her, he would have to keep on killing.  After his refusal, he ended up being sucked into the wall, dying instantly.

Jane has been having trouble with the fact that her grandmother’s necklace was stolen by the “Drake Theif”.  Also, her thoughts have been on a magical door located in the basement which brings about supernatural forces.  A suitcase and a ghostlike girl have been found within the door, but the girl only appears when Jane tries to open it, saying that there is an evil force within.

The problem with 666 Park Avenue is that it is just not as scary as it could be and it is very predictable. In order for season two to air on tv, the writers will need to pick it up by actually scaring the audience.  The show has its moments with mystery, but it does not seem possible to write about anything new.  Overall it would probably get a 2 out of 5 stars, but it could be raised with increased plot development.