“The Walking Dead” Season 3, Episode 1-3 Recap

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 1-3 Recap

Bobby Rabaioli

What qualities make a great show? It should be interesting, captivating, and most importantly, overall entertaining.  These adjectives completely describe The Walking Dead Season three so far.  The hit AMC show has yet to disappoint with many twists and unexpected turns, which leads to the vast popularity when it airs on Sunday Nights at 9 p.m.

It all began with Rick Grimes, who is now the leader of the survivors, in a hospital and has now traveled his way from Atlanta Georgia, to a local farm.  By gathering other survivors who have yet to be infected along the way, they have now managed to find themselves in a prison looking for a remotely safe place to stay.

The Survivors “aren’t in Kansas anymore,” well they never were, but metaphorically of course.  The group has been overrun and has resorted to relocate into a prison in the opening of season 3, Seed Jump.  Some might find this as a bad thing, but after killing walkers for some time now, the open space is just what they need.  Cause for concern is when Hershel Green who, last season allowed Rick Grimes and company to stay on his farm, has his leg bitten by an oncoming walker.  Laughable at best for the carelessness of Hershel who characteristically is not always careful with his actions.  After Rick cuts Hershel’s leg off in order to save his life,  inmates appear.

Tension. That is what is felt when the nervous strain in a human is activated in Episode 2 Sick.  You can not expect two vastly different groups to come together and be in perfect harmony especially with Rick who is coincidently an ex-cop.  The great part about this show is that it has evolved into a more modern interest.  Instead of the boring character developments that can leave some plain-out bored, The Walking Dead now seems to be in full out zombie killing that is best avoided by the weak stomach.  The survivors plan to cut a deal with the inmates until Thomas, the leader of the prisoners, but Rick eventually kills Thomas in the end.  The true devilish side comes out in Rick that really is only shown when he is fighting or something he loves, Lori (his pregnant wife).  But of course no episode is left without the viewer asking questions.

Most people might expect the show to answer the question right away as to who the person in the woods is, but they answer a different question from the end of season two.  Michonne, who can totally bring the show in a different direction at any given time, brings questions that need to be answered.  We have seen two different parts of her character so far. The one where she is kind and gentle to Andrea, a lost survivor who was spilt up from Rick and the others, and as well, we have seen where she is rude and boisterous in her opinion.  Her death like stare and cold personality can make her a likable character, but everything is unknown about her.  She does not reveal information about herself to anyone.  Also, The Governor, who seems to be portrayed as this season’s villain, rescues Andrea from a near death like state. They all stay in a local town where The Governor keeps his prey.  In the end, once again to leave the audience guessing, The Governor has a secret room where heads are kept in preservation.

Season Three has brought a total new perspective on the show, which was much needed since the same thing cannot be said of the survivors running away of from walkers.  With Michonne, the show can take her and use her in many different ways that will help advance the season in new directions that were not imaginable. The Walking Dead started off as a good show and is now picking up to be a fantastic show.