Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4 ‘Killer Within’ Recap

Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4 Killer Within Recap

Bobby Rabaioli

Episode 4 of The Walking Dead – “The Killer Within” – continues to surprise. Just as many viewers thought that the show might be going back to its old, boring narrative of slow character development and wasted episodes, the survivors in this episode are suddenly attacked by multiple walkers that an unknown enemy allows into the prison.

In terms of smaller storylines, there are a few.  Hershel is able enough to walk and goes outside.  The Governor tries convince Andrea and Michonne to stay in Woodbury.  The two prisoners, Oscar and Axle, want to join the group but are denied.

Besides the smaller details, Mazzara makes some major strides in terms of character development.  Unlike previous seasons, where episodes were squandered with too much boring, slow character drama, this episode changed everything.

It all begins with one little mishap and forgotten detail that some may even overlook.  Remember the one inmate who tried to run away and who was presumed to have been eaten by walkers?  Well, that guy somehow escapes even despite the convincing screams of bloody murder. The young African American they call Andrew planned Rick’s demise, but was eventually killed in all the chaos.

During the zombie ambush in the prison, T-Dog, the man who never speaks, actually starts to talk for what seems like the first time.  Although Rick and the others do not want the prisoners to join the group, T-Dog openly disagrees with the group for the first time.  He tells Rick: “He sleeps with one eye open the whole time” so the presence of prisoners in the group would not change that.

But why wait all this time to characterize him?

The answer’s obvious: This is T-Dog’s last episode.

T-Dog gets bit on the shoulder heroically saving Carol. So unfortunately, while his character development is extremely short-lived (Literally, this is the only episode where he does something), he does receive a gruesome death — which should at least please some of the viewers.

Meanwhile, walkers chase Lori, Carl, and Maggie into the boiler room.  Lori fittingly then goes into labor in the middle of a full-on zombie ambush. Maybe it was Karma for cheating on Rick in season 1, but the way she acts as a fierce warrior who only wants  to protect her son after she realizes she is going to die during birth, helps her finally be redeemed as a likable character.

But truly, it is amazing what Carl has to go through at such a young age.  Carl has been shot, seen a lot of violence, and killed many walkers.   But the fact that he has to shoot his mom before she turns into a walker might be one of the more daring plot twist imaginable by The Walking Dead.  After seeing something no boy should see, the pistol in his hand given to him by his father, he pulls the trigger  The shooting is not seen, but Carl’s emotionless glare says it all.

The widely popular show has been getting some great reviews and this shall be no different.  The intensity and daring actions by each character make it a show worth wild watching.  The Walking Dead is the best show on television right now at this point and if  you do not start watching now, you will be left behind.