Ke$ha’s “Warrior” Fails to Wow Fans

Ke$has Warrior Fails to Wow Fans

Megan Peterson

Ke$ha shows off her signature pop style with the release of her new album “Warrior.”

Ke$ha’s latest album “Warrior” was released December 4th with her single “Die Young” (released on September 25th) already on the radio and making an impact.  Ke$ha once again worked with Dr. Luke and co-writers Max Martin, Cirkut, Benny Blanco and Klas Ahlund, along with a few others.  The album sticks to Ke$ha’s pop style with a slight infusion of rock.

Compared to her previous album, there is definitely less auto-tune, but it is still used often.  Ke$ha’s vocals are shown off more than in the past, proving that she does actually have a good voice.  Her first single “Die Young,” meant to be an upbeat and empowering song, took off quickly when released to fans. However, it seems similar to her previous single “Animal,” as the song’s only true draw is its catchiness— an aspect that makes it easy to sing along to.  The slight rock influence is shown in the beginning of  “Thinking of You,”  but it turns back to pop as the song progresses.

“Wherever You Are” is a romantic song placed among the many wild tracks that most of the album consists of.  Although it is a romantic song, it remains up-tempo in true Ke$ha fashion.  Ke$ha goes back to her Nashville roots in her song “Wonderland,” which turns into a pop-country song of sorts.  The simplicity of the song does not work with the rest of “Warrior,” as the album is extremely over produced.

Ke$ha finishes the album off with the ballad “Love Into The Light” which shows a different side to her.  Ke$ha may not always be the forceful pop diva she is made out to be.  Overall, the album is extremly over produced and does not flow well together.  Songs like “Wonderland” and “Wherever You Are” throw the listener for a loop  and make listeners question  the whole direction of the album.  However, one would not believe the album belonged to anyone but Ke$ha when listening to it.  “Warrior” is a true Ke$ha roller coaster ride that does not often veer from what people expect of her.