“The Lying Game”: An Unpredictable Mystery

The Lying Game: An Unpredictable Mystery
The Lying Game
Season 2 of The Lying Games premieres January 8, 2013 on ABC Family


No one is safe and no one knows who they can trust or how many secrets there are on “The Lying Game”.  The unpredictable second season premiers on January 8, 2013 at 9 PM on ABC family.

The show started with Emma Becker, a kind foster kid with a tough life who finds out she has an identical twin sister, Sutton Mercer. Sutton, unlike Emma, was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living the perfect life. After their initial meeting, Sutton talks Emma into pretending to be her while she follows a lead on their birth mother. Emma was glad to do this for Sutton, but she soon learns that Sutton has gone missing and could be in trouble. Now, Emma must keep pretending to be Sutton in order to keep herself and Sutton safe.

People slowly begin to figure out the secret behind Emma and Sutton. Ethan Whitehorse, Sutton’s former boyfriend and now Emma’s boyfriend, worked to help find Sutton when she went missing.  Sutton ended up finding her friend’s brother, Thayer Rybak, in LA and they returned home together. Knowing that it was unsafe to reveal themselves, Emma kept pretending to be Sutton while the real Sutton was in hiding.  However, in order to help her friends, Emma revealed herself to her best friend Madeline Rybak who is Thayer’s sister as well.

Just when confusion began to settle down, Sutton was forced into a lake while driving by classmate Derek, who was hiding in the back of her car.  Once Sutton was safe, both she and Ethan confronted him; however, when they were talking to him they realized someone was coming so they left, unnoticed.  It was later that night when Derek was found dead and Ethan’s brother, a police officer, told Ethan to go into hiding because he was going to be unjustly arrested for this murder. Sutton and Ethan both went to Ethan’s father’s house, where they remained until someone tipped off the police where they were and he was arrested.  However, these charges were dropped for insufficient evidence, due to help from Emma. 

Thayer’s father, Alec Rybak, is suspected by Emma to be the true murderer playing for real.  Rebecca, Alec’s girlfriend, is sent a picture of Alec holding a tire iron toward Derek, which could easily pin him to the murder.  However, Rebecca decides he is being set up, but he will be in trouble if she has to testify against him. To prevent this, they plan a wedding in two days so she can not be forced to speak against him.  Sutton and Ethan find this picture on Rebecca’s computer on the day of the rehearsal dinner and they show it to Ethan’s brother.

On the wedding day, the police get a search warrant and they find the murder weapon in Alec’s house with his fingerprints all over it.  Seconds after Rebecca and Alec say their “I do’s”, the police arrest Alec for the murder of Derek.  Emma attended the wedding as Sutton watched from a window of the house where the wedding was held.  To leave the viewers on edge, Rebecca walks into the room Sutton is in and it is revealed that Rebecca is Emma and Sutton’s mother.  Sutton was seemingly aware of this seeing as Rebecca says everything was going as they planned all along.

The viewers are confused to the point where they do not know if Sutton knew Rebecca was the mother all along or if that was discovered on her journey from her original lead.  Also, does that mean everything that happened from the start until this moment was supposed to happen, and if so, for what purpose?

Although the show is confusing, it is addicting to watch because of the plot twists.  Once the viewer can wrap his mind around the concept and differentiate between Emma and Sutton, the show is easier to follow and more entertaining to watch.

All of the twists and turns in the show lead to the viewer’s inability to predict what will happen next.  No one is safe in the upcoming season of “The Lying Game” and anything can happen to anyone at any moment.  The second season premiers on January 8, 2013 at 9 PM on ABC family, bringing all new drama and mystery to these people’s already complicated lives.