“Pretty Little Liars:” Mona-Mania

Mona brings a lot of drama to season 3 of Pretty Little Liars.

Mona brings a lot of drama to season 3 of “Pretty Little Liars.”

Karalyn Kickham

Mona brings a lot of drama to season 3 of "Pretty Little Liars."
Mona brings a lot of drama to season 3 of “Pretty Little Liars.”
Mona is back with more tricks up her sleeve than ever before.  On Tuesday, January 15 on ABC Family, “Pretty Little Liars” brought a whole new meaning to “crazy.”

This episode begins with the girls snooping around the school basement at night trying to find  Ali’s journal in the janitor’s closet. The lights are off when the girls enter the closet, and they can sense that someone else is in the room.  Once the girls find the light switch, they see a hooded figure, “A,” run out of the closet; unfortunately, they are unable to see his face.  The viewers, however, are shown that the figure is Toby. The girls realize that all of Harold’s belongings (Harold is the janitor from The Lost Woods Resort) are gone, and the pages of Alison’s diary have been ripped out.  There is a note written in the diary that says “Keep moving ladies. Nothing to see here. -A.”

The next day, Mona tells Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily that Harold paid the old janitor to leave so he could stalk Mona.  Mona and Harold had gotten pretty close when Mona stayed at the motel, and when she cut ties with Harold, he got mad. Mona believes that Harold is responsible for the explosion at the road race in the previous episode because he had intended for Mona to be the victim, not Meredith.  Later on, however, Lucas and Hanna have a conversation in which Lucas tells Hanna that Mona is nowhere near cured, and  Lucas is the one who caused the fire in an attempt to scare Mona.  Lucas tells Hanna that Mona blackmails Lucas, forcing him to do what she says because Mona knew that Lucas was selling test answers to students. Lucas says that Mona tried to run him over, but the viewers know from the previous episode that it was Toby driving the car. Claiming that he has covered all his tracks, Lucas plans on leaving Rosewood so he can get away from Mona.
At school the next day, Mona joins the Academic Decathlon Team. To Spencer’s surprise, Mona runs against Spencer for team captain.  The team votes for captain and the result is a tie, meaning that Spencer and Mona will have a “quiz-off” the next day to determine who will become captain.  Spencer’s overconfidence gets the best of her and Mona wins the quiz-off to become team captain.
After school, Aria realizes that the pages she had taken from Alison’s journal about Byron are missing.  Aria overhears an argument between Byron and Meredith, so Aria decides to ask Meredith about what is going on. Meredith informs Aria that she had caught Bryon going through her purse because he thought it was Aria’s, and then Meredith caught Byron looking through Aria’s room. Curious of Byron’s intentions, Meredith snooped around Byron’s room while he was out and found the pages Aria was missing. This means that Byron knows that Aria is aware of his deal to pay Alison not to talk about the affair.  Meredith tells Aria that Byron was with her the night that Alison went missing, but he had left to go see Alison. In the previous episode, Aria’s mom said that Byron had been with her that night, but she admitted that she had had a lot of wine and that it is possible she did not remember something.
Emily and Paige decide to go to a swim team party in the woods, but Paige pulls over on the way there and tells Emily that she is freaked out by everything that has been happening and that she does not feel safe.  The girls decide to go for a walk to get some fresh air.  When they return to their car, they notice that the tires have been slashed.  Emily sees “A” standing in the bushes and tried to chase him, but he gets away.  The viewers know that it was Toby who slashed the tires.
This episode of “Pretty Little Liars” highlights the stupidity among the girls, especially Emily.  Why Emily thought that it was a good idea to go to a party in the middle of the woods after years of a lunatic—maybe even a killer— trying to ruin her life is beyond any viewer’s comprehension.  Byron acts particularly odd in this episode, and although the intention was to raise suspicion of Byron as “A,” there is a good chance that Aria’s mom, Ella, may be “A.” Her nonchalant recollection of the night Alison went missing from the last episode along with her overall relaxed demeanor lead some viewers to point a finger at Ella simply because she is the opposite of all of the other tense characters.  The next episode of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 8pm on ABC Family.