Dance Moms Returns for Season 3

Brianna Conley


Abby and her team return for season three
Abby and her team return for season three.


Season three of “Dance Moms” premeired New Years Day this year,  and so far has been extremely successfull. The first episode alone attracted an estimated 2.5 million viewers, and the views have continually increased with each episode. Viewers across the United States eagerly awaited the return of the Lifetime reality show. The season has continued to entertain viewers and the drama is more prevalent than ever. The drama between the mothers, daughters and Abby is the largest reason so many female viewers tune in because it is undoubtfully entertaining to watch the constant bickering between the cast members.  The immense pressure also makes the show more interesting because viewers are left  anticipating the outcome of the competitions. Each week the ridiculously high expectations are increased more and more in order to hopefully gain the Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio, yet another national title.

This season definitely highlights the extremes that Abby Lee Miller and the members of her studio will go to succeed. Each member of the studio has high hopes and goals for the new dance season and how they achieve their goals will vary. Abby displays her determination in winning yet another national title and makes all necessary changes and improvements to achieve the prestigious title.

From the first season, Abby’s most famous line has been “Everyone is replaceable” and at the start of the new season, she proves her statement by immediately replacing all five of the girls. She calls dancers from across the country who attended the open auditions and orders them to immediately get on the next flight to Pittsburgh. In addition to Ally, who is the newest member of the studio, Abby decides on Kaeli, Bella, and Sophia—who she is most excited about. Each of the girls was strategically picked to fill the shoes of Chloe, Maddy, Mckenzie, Nia and Kendall. The girl skills are definitely impressive, but they are notably more quiet and nervous. Their mothers are also less opinionated than the original mothers, and respect Abby’s decisions. They are not as crazy and loud as the others and the new dancers definitely pose a threat.

Meanwhile, viewers are informed what the original mothers and their daughters are up to after they are replaced. They are planning for the girls to choreograph their own dance and perform it at a local mall. The girls are ecstatic, but when they do perform at the mall, it is clear to both the moms and viewers that the girls need a stable, strict teacher to push them to perform at their highest potentials. It was refreshing to see the old group again, and their humor definitely helped balance out the strict and serious mood filling Abby’s studio.

As expected, the mothers and their daughters make the trek back into Abby’s studio in hopes of regaining their spots. Normally Abby would hold her grudge and refuse their recommitment, but after she let the replacements go because of the familiar drama they were stirring, Abby decides to give all of the girls a second chance— shockingly even Brooke and Paige.

To the mothers, it is ridiculous that the newest member, Sophia is treated better than the other girls. They are even more furious that she did not compete in the most recent competition because she was in California. Abby is definitely showing favoritism towards Sophia  and is not happy with the other group members performances.

This season of Dance Moms is very entertaining so far. Each episode has been filled with arguments, which although sometimes pointless and unnecesary, truly add to the uniqueness  of the show. The confrontations can definitely get vicious but most of the time are entertaining to viewers. Dance Moms season three has truthfully pushed new boundaries and proves that they are not afraid to try new things.