Most Anticipated Music of 2013

Most Anticipated Music of 2013

Mary McAvoy

kid cudi


Rap artist Kid Cudi, best known for his alternative spin on hip-hop music, is set to release his third studio album Indicud in March 2013. The most anticipated tracks are possible duos with Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, along with the return of previous collaborators Ratatat, King Chip, and Kanye West. According to Cudi, Indicud will have a more positive and upbeat spin than the emotionally deep debut Man on the Moon: The End of the Day and follow up Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Two singles, “King Wizard” and “Just What I Am (ft. King Chip),” have been released, and one more  new song is expected to premiere before the full album hits iTunes. The heavy bass and deep, electronic tone of promotional single “King Wizard” make the track nothing short of a car jam. This song, along with the catchy first single “Just What I Am (ft. King Chip),” set a high standard for what is to come on Indicud.


eminem2013-490x490One of the most acclaimed names in rap music, Eminem, has announced that he is working on a 2013 album. Though there is no word on an album title or when it will be released, his work will have to meet staggering expectations as usual. In 2010, Eminem’s seventh album Recovery was released, originally intended as a sequel to his experimental 2009 album Relapse. Recovery seemed the overall better release, featuring two number one singles, “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna).” It is also very diverse, with hard-hitting tracks ranging from the heavy beat and killer guitars of “Cinderella Man” to the intense breakdown of “25 to Life.” Based on his previous work, Eminem will hopefully deliver in 2013 with the same power and passion in his music and few filler tracks.




i4c693e4ad8475_700After a brief hiatus in releasing new music, pop queen Lady Gaga plans to return this summer with her third album ARTPOP. Gaga has described this upcoming work as “very risky” in comparison to The Fame and Born This Way, and she has spoken of splitting the album into two parts: one consisting of radio-friendy works (i.e. “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance”) and one featuring more experimental music (i.e. “You and I,” “Alejandro,” “Monster”). Since Gaga’s debut alone captured mass media attention, ARTPOP will undoubtedly reach her ever-expanding fan base and hopefully merit more positive reviews.




229186_10150175521564300_5789561_nAvril Lavigne’s cool, emo, skater girl image has not died down since her 2002 debut Let Go. What makes her music so timeless is the perfect blend of angst-y, fiery anthems (“Losing Grip,” “What the Hell”), teen pop songs (“Sk8ter Boi,” “Girlfriend”), and slower melodies with meaningful lyrics, (“I’m With You,” “When You’re Gone”). Lavigne plans to return in Spring of 2013 with a fifth studio album. She explains that her next album will be “more pop and more fun again,” unlike 2011’s Goodbye Lullaby. The singer will most likely continue with the same image, producing more catchy, electric guitar-laced tunes with self-empowering messages.




katy perryThough Katy Perry’s first album One of the Boys quickly became popular upon its debut, 2010’s Teenage Dream is what caused her career to skyrocket. With six of her songs claiming top five spots, Perry went so far as to release an extended version of Teenage Dream and produce a film about her experiences in becoming a pop star – Katy Perry: Part of Me, an extravagant 3D experience. Now, as chart toppers such as “Teenage Dream,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “California Gurls,” and “Firework,” continue to play on the radio, pop music eagerly awaits Perry’s return. Because of the ever-reigning success of Teenage Dream, Katy’s third studio album will have to meet high expectations. Critics will be looking for her to match or even beat her record for number of hits, without making her album a carbon copy of Teenage Dream.




imagesAlternative-rock band Paramore has been going strong since their 2005 debut All We Know Is Falling. They are planning to release their fourth studio album, self-titled Paramore, as a follow up to 2010’s Brand New Eyes. Paramore will be the first album not including founding members Josh and Zac Farro, who broke with the band after complaining of lead singer Hayley Williams treating the group as her “solo project.” Williams, the voice of Paramore and the claim to the group’s fame, plans to continue making music with her remaining band members. The lead single off Paramore, “Now,” sounds slightly different from previous hits, what with the loss of their famed lead guitarist and drummer, but it boasts a triumphant chorus and wailing vocals from Williams. The new material, changed slightly but still showcasing the band’s original sound, will have fans eagerly anticipating what is to come on Paramore.


Phoenix BankruptFrench alt-rock band Phoenix stepped out into the alternative scene with breakout fourth album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Unlike 2000’s United, 2004’s Alphabetical, and 2006’s It’s Never Been Like That, their 2010 release had more of an indie flair. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, upon its May 2010 premiere, proved to be an ideal summer album– the light guitars and ubeat synths of tracks like “1901” and “Lisztomania” permeate the air as if the songs were meant to be played cruising down a highway with the windows down. Phoenix recently announced that their long awaited fifth album Bankrupt! will debut late summer 2013. According to an electronic-sounding preview of the new album and a few interviews, the band will be straying a bit from the style of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Whether or not the band will keep their summer vibes and indie influence on Bankrupt! is the question that awaits.