“Pretty Little Liars: Dead to Me”

Mona gives Doctor Sullivan a welcome back gift.

Mona gives Doctor Sullivan a “welcome back” gift.

Karalyn Kickham

Mona gives Doctor Sullivan a "welcome back" gift.
Mona gives Doctor Sullivan a “welcome back” gift.

This week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” much like last week’s, was a break from the usual life-threatening commotion that the show is known for. Focusing on smaller details, this week’s episode set up the potential for future conflicts based on small pieces of information that were presented.  Season three, episode 18 of “Pretty Little Liars,” “Dead to Me,” aired on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 on ABC Family.

At the beginning of the episode, Jason, Alison’s brother, tells Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily that Alison will be having a reinterment, and there are still objects missing from Ali’s grave (Alison’s grave had been dug up, and “A” returned the objects the girls had put in the grave to them).  Jason tells the girls that he reserved a time for them to go say goodbye to Ali one last time.  Spencer says that she does not want to be involved with Alison anymore, so she will not be attending.  Spencer does show up, however, but not with the intention of saying goodbye to Ali.  She storms in and tells Jason that Alison was pregnant when she died and that Detective Wilden is the father.  This information is just an assumption, and Emily, Hanna, and Aria yell at Spencer for taking her anger out on everyone else.

Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to check up on the place while Ezra is away, and Wesley, Ezra’s brother, shows up while Aria is there. Wesley says that Ezra gave him permission to use the apartment while Ezra is away.  When Wesley and Aria go out to lunch,Wesley has a confrontation with a man on the sidewalk and  hits the man in the face with a pizza box.  Wesley explains to Aria that the man was his physics teacher’s husband, and Wesley had flirted with his physics teacher in order to get expelled from school and escape the lifestyle he had with his parents— an escape he had been jealous of his brother Ezra for making.

The private investigator tells Spencer that Toby bought sixty-five dollars worth of hydrangeas, and he tells her the location that the “A” key leads to for an additional cost of five hundred dollars.  When Spencer arrives at the location, she finds an empty room, meaning that Toby cleared out the room so Spencer would not see what was inside.

Caleb goes to his aunt’s house with Hanna to see if there is anything he wants to save before they tear the house down.  Caleb’s uncle—who Caleb has not seen in years—is there.  Caleb was a foster child, so he does not have good relationships with his family, as he only recently found his birthmother.  Caleb’s uncle gives Hanna a picture of Caleb when he was only six months old.

Emily goes to see her old therapist, Dr. Sullivan, to talk about what it feels like knowing that Emily killed Nate.  Dr. Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy, and although Dr. Sullivan thinks Emily is remembering the night she killed Nate, Emily is actually remembering hitting Alison in the head with a shovel the night Ali disappeared. The guilt that drove Emily to seek help from Dr. Sullivan stems from Emily’s belief that she may have killed Alison.  Later, the sound of sprinklers triggers another memory for Emily, and she realizes that she mixed up her nightmares.  Emily did not kill Alison, but she remembers being at Ali’s grave the night that a hooded figure dug it up. There had been a blonde girl in a red jacket standing nearby, and the girls determine that this mystery blonde is behind everything “A” has put them through, and she is most likely calling all the shots. Hanna proposes that the girl in the red jacket may have been Alison digging up her own grave.

Meanwhile, Mona visits Dr. Sullivan’s office with a plant as a thank-you, and Mona says, “I could never really repay you for what you did.”

There were no real threats from “A” in this episode, but there is the potential for major drama within the next few episodes.  Mona’s words to Dr. Sullivan raise suspicion for the viewers that Dr. Sullivan sabotaged the girls in some way, which is likely to be revealed soon.  Wesley’s rocky past may cause some trouble for Aria, and it seems like there will be controversy with Detective Wilden and whether or not he would have been the father of Alison’s baby if Ali were still alive.  Spencer still has not told the girls that Toby is one of “A’s” workers.  Watch the drama unravel in the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 8pm on ABC Family.