“Pretty Little Liars” Episodes “Broken-Hearted” and “Hot Water”

Hanna confronts detective Wilden about his summer in Cape May.

Hanna confronts detective Wilden about his summer in Cape May.

Karalyn Kickham

Hanna confronts detective Wilden about his summer in Cape May.
Hanna confronts detective Wilden about his summer in Cape May.

The past two episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” have been nothing less than intense.  Friendships have been tested, lies have been spread, and breaking points are close at hand.  Episode 19, “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted,” and episode 20, “Hot Water,” of season three aired on ABC Family on February 12 and 19, respectively.

In “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted,” Spencer has pretty much lost it.  She skips an Academic Decathlon practice and is kicked off the team, but in an attempt to regain her spot Spencer challenges Andrew, who is on the team, to a quiz-off in which whenever one person gets a question wrong, he or she removes an article of clothing, and the first one naked loses.  Luckily, Emily shows up before things get too out of hand and yells at Spencer for her recent behavior.  Spencer still has not told the girls that Toby is part of A’s clan.

Aria and Wesley help CeCe photograph some things in her boutique.  CeCe leaves early and then calls Aria saying that her car was towed, but viewers see that CeCe makes the call from her car in the parking lot. Mrs. Fitzgerald, Wesley’s mom, finds out that Wesley is staying in Ezra’s apartment, so Wesley spends the night at Aria’s house and they share a quick kiss.

Mona sends Wren—a physician who has a history with Spencer—to check on Spencer’s emotional state.  Spencer pretends to be grateful for this and suggests that she and Wren go out to dinner and a movie.  Spencer instead directs Wren to the location of the Academic Decathlon, where Spencer freaks out and attacks Mona.

Hanna and Caleb go to meet Caleb’s dad, and things go well—so well, in fact, that Caleb’s dad is given a job by the pastor so that he can stay in Rosewood close to his son.  This is great news until Hanna donates a five dollar bill with crayon on it to the church, and later sees Caleb’s dad pay the pizza man with the same five dollars.

Emily and Jason go to Jason’s dad’s office to look for a picture of Alison at Cape May.  They find the picture, and alongside Ali are detective Wilden and CeCe, which is strange because CeCe told Emily that she never met Wilden. The elevator breaks while Emily and Jason are inside and Jason pries open the door so that Emily can jump out, but once Emily is out, Jason gets trapped inside and the elevator plummets to the ground.  At the hospital, Jason tells Emily that the picture is gone, and Emily steps outside the room to get Jason more water.  The rest of the girls arrive, and upon returning to the room they see that Jason is nowhere to be found.

The drama continues in “Hot Water,” beginning with Hanna confronting detective Wilden that the girls know all about Alison and CeCe on the boat. The girls still suspect that Wilden got Ali pregnant.  While Hanna is out with her mom, Ashley Marin, Hanna makes awkward eye contact with Wilden as he shoves CeCe into a car, raising Ashley’s suspicion about what is going on.

Ezra has returned from his trip to meet his son, and he and Aria talk out their relationship issues.  Mrs. Fitzgerald talks to Aria in an attempt to ruin things between her and Ezra, and Mrs. Fitzgerald tries to sell Maggie’s—the mother of Ezra’s son—house.

Paige, Hanna, and Emily go to a costume shop to try to find out who bought a Queen of Hearts costume around Halloween.  This person played a part in trying to hurt the girls.  Paige knows Shawna, an employee at the store, and from the tension between Shawna and Paige it is evident that they have a history.  Emily sneaks onto the computer while the others are looking at costumes and emails herself the list of who bought what.

Spencer and Wren have a date that ends with them making out, and when Spencer goes home “A” locks her in the shower with the steam over 100 degrees.  Aria is there, however, and saves Spencer.

Ashley meets detective Wilden at a restaurant where he tries to clear his name about getting Alison pregnant. Ashley does not buy it, and when she is driving home, Wilden pulls her over and asks her to get out of the car. Wilden asks Ashley to have Hanna keep quiet about Alison and even threatens her, so Ashley gets mad and gets back into her car and hit detective Wilden. Ashley goes home and tells Hanna that she may have killed Wilden, so the two of them go back to check, but Wilden is not there.  The entire incident has been recorded from Wilden’s cop car.

Emily goes to CeCe’s apartment to talk to her and finds CeCe packing quickly.  CeCe says she is leaving town, and she tells Emily that Melissa Hastings, Spencer’s sister, is the one who took the picture of CeCe, Ali, and Wilden on the boat in Cape May.

Spencer tells Aria to text Emily and Hanna and have them come over because she needs to tell the girls that she knows who is helping Mona—finally!

These two episodes were packed with chaos and there is definitely more to come.  Spencer is finally going to tell the girls about Toby, but since we did not see it happen in this past episode, it is likely that something may come up in the next episode that prevents Spencer from revealing what she knows. Hanna has a big decision to make: does she tell Caleb that his dad stole from the church or does she let it go since Caleb is finally on good terms with his dad? Also, Wesley’s kiss may have complicated things between Aria and Ezra.  Who knows, maybe Aria is starting to realize that she likes boys her own age. To find out what happens next, watch “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, February 26 at 8pm on ABC Family.