“Pretty Little Liars: Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Eric McCandless

Spencer receives sympathy flowers from “A.”

Karalyn Kickham

Spencer receives sympathy flowers from "A."
Spencer receives sympathy flowers from “A.”

Throughout the three seasons of “Pretty Little Liars,” Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily have found themselves in several situations in which they have thought that things could not get worse; however, the girls are always proven wrong. This week’s episode was no exception, as the girls were in for more twists and shocks that could change their lives drastically. “Pretty Little Liars: Out of Sight, Out of Mind” aired on ABC Family on Tuesday, February 26.

In the episode, Spencer tells Aria, Emily, and Hanna that she knows that Toby is one of the “A”s. The girls are surprised to learn that Spencer has known this secret for a few weeks. Spencer questions her entire relationship with Toby, and she thinks that Toby is the one who locked her in the shower. Emily does not believe that Toby would betray the girls like that, so she tries to contact him. She goes to Toby’s house, and although Toby is not home, Emily meets a man outside. The man says he works with Toby and that Toby left for an emergency.

Hanna is at home when she finds Detective Wilden’s cop car in her garage with the tape of Ms. Marin hitting Wilden on repeat. Hanna wants to get rid of the problem, so she gets Aria to help her push the car into a lake.

Mrs. Fitzgerald took away Maggie’s home, so Maggie is trying to find a job in Rosewood to relocate. She is staying at a hotel with Malcolm, Ezra’s son, until they get settled. One day, both Maggie and Ezra are busy, so Aria watches Malcolm. Malcolm falls off of a bed while Aria is not paying attention, and he cuts open his chin, requiring a trip to the hospital for stitches. Ezra claims that he is not mad at Aria for what happened, but he gets frustrated at her and says that she must not have been watching Malcolm the whole time.

Spencer hears a knock on her door and opens the door to find a wreath of flowers with a banner that says “With deepest sympathy.” There is a note attached to the wreath from “A” that reads: “Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips.” Spencer notices that all of the letters on the banner are shiny except for an E and M, so Spencer tells Emily that she might be in danger of getting seriously hurt. Spencer confronts Mona about the wreath, and Mona denies knowing anything about it; however, Spencer sees through her bluff and follows Mona from the coffee shop to the woods. In the woods, Spencer finds a body with a bike helmet on, blood on his hands, and a tattoo that says “Free at last” on his lower back—a tattoo identical to Toby’s. From some part of the woods, Mona yells that “He’s dead,” at which point Spencer freaks out and tries to chase the voice, but she is unsuccessful.

Toby finally texts Emily back and says he will meet her to talk; however, Toby never shows up at the warehouse where he was supposed to meet Emily. Just as Emily is about to leave, she looks in her mirror and sees the girl in the red coat enter the warehouse, so she gets out of her car and follows her inside. Emily sees the same guy who was outside Toby’s house, and he tells Emily that Toby is not there and that he did not see a girl in a red coat. Emily becomes suspicious of this man when he calls her by her name, which Emily never told him. Emily returns to her car only to find that the window is smashed. There is a mini coffin in the driver’s seat with a note inside that says “Toby is no more.”

Spencer is found wandering in the woods, and she looks psychotic. Spencer will not speak to anybody, so she is taken for a psych evaluation.

This episode was very dramatic and could be a game changer. There is question as to whether or not Toby is really dead because Spencer never actually took off the helmet to check. Emily may be in danger because of the wreath and the man Toby worked with who knew her name. Hanna could be in serious trouble if she gets caught for drowning the cop car. Finally, no one knows what is wrong with Spencer, as she seems to have really lost it. For more drama, action, and suspense, tune in to ABC Family on Tuesday, March 5 at 8pm to watch the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars.”