“Pretty Little Liars: I’m Your Puppet”

Spencer follows clues that Mona wrote on a game board.

Spencer follows clues that Mona wrote on a game board.

Karalyn Kickham

Spencer follows clues that Mona wrote on a game board.
Spencer follows clues that Mona wrote on a game board.

The unthinkable has happened.  One of the Liars has joined the ‘A’ team.  If you’ve been waiting for a twist, here it is. All hell breaks loose in “Pretty Little Liars: I’m Your Puppet,” which aired on March 11 on ABC Family.

The episode begins with Hanna, Aria, and Emily visiting Spencer at Radley, only to find out that Spencer is fine with being kept there longer; in fact, she says she needs more time there and she feels safe. Hanna tells Spencer that the police found a body in the woods, but it was not Toby. Spencer remains stubborn and will not let anyone change her mind—she is certain that the body was Toby.  Hanna later admits that she is more worried about Wilden than Spencer, which consequently makes Emily furious. Emily is determined to convince Spencer that the body was not Toby, so she makes her mom—who recently began working at the police station— promise to inform her if she learns anything new about the body.

Now that Ezra is back to working in the Rosewood school district, Aria is back to being paranoid about people learning that they are in a relationship.  Ezra tells Aria that he does not want to hide and that they will be just fine.  Ezra gets a call from Maggie asking to pick up Malcolm from karate, but since he is busy, Aria once again offers to help out.  Ezra says he trusts Aria and gives her permission to pick up Malcolm.  As one could guess, however, something goes wrong.  When Aria goes to pick up Malcolm, she is told that he has already been picked up by “Aria Montgomery.” Aria goes into panic mode and, instead of telling the woman that she is the real Aria or asking for a description of the person who picked Malcolm up, she decides to try and track down Malcolm and ‘A’ on her own. ‘A’ left a clue for Aria in the form of a flyer for the town carnival.

Meanwhile, Caleb is gushing about how happy he is that his dad is still in Rosewood, and Hanna is trying her best not to crack and tell Caleb that she thinks he stole money from the church.  The truth comes out, though, when Jaime gets fired from his work at the church because the bell was replaced with a much cheaper one of about an $8,000 difference.

Spencer finds a game that Mona used to love, and there is a hand-written map on the game board.  Spencer follows it to an unlocked window that leads outside, but she stays in. Spencer talks to Eddie about the game Mona was obsessed with, and Eddie implies that he is suspicious of Wren’s intentions for being at Radley.  Viewers then find out that Spencer has been hiding her pills for days.

Emily, Aria, and Hanna are determined to prove to Spencer that the body that was found is not Toby, so they sneak into the morgue to check the body and take a picture. They find the body, and it is not Toby. Later on, Emily’s mom, Mrs. Fields, tells Emily that another body was recovered exactly where Spencer said she saw Toby, and it is likely that it is Toby, but the body has not been identified yet because there was significant trauma.

Aria heads over to the carnival and finds Malcolm waiting for the next puppet show by himself. Malcolm tells Aria that her friend Alison picked him up, and Aria once again fails to ask what this friend looked like.

Spencer sneaks out of her room at night and follows the steps on Mona’s game, which lead her to a room where she talks to “Alison,” but it is only Spencer’s imagination.  Alison directs Spencer to the star on Mona’s game board, and Spencer finds a fake ID for Radley Sanitorium with a picture of Mona under the name Ali Dee, and a guest pass that belonged to CeCe Drake, authorized by Wren.  Spencer is snapped back to reality when Wren finds her in the room. Wren says that Mona was not allowed visitors at the time, but he snuck in CeCe because she said she could help Mona. Alison had gotten CeCe kicked out of school, and CeCe thought she could help Mona with her situation. Melissa had told CeCe where Mona was staying.

Caleb is beyond mad at his dad, but while Caleb is out with Hanna he reads a text over her shoulder that says “When you want the bell back, gimme a ring! -A” meaning that Jaime did not actually steal the bell; ‘A’ had framed Jaime.

The episode ends with the most dramatic scene of all: Spencer is holding the classic ‘A’ black hoodie, and she recalls her conversation with Mona.  Mona had said, “Look at all that’s happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain.  But I believe in second chances.” Spencer had replied, “You don’t have to ask me again Mona, I’m in.” A new body is brought to the morgue, and the viewers can see Toby’s tattoo.

So, Spencer is part of the ‘A’ team.  This is confusing because it leads viewers to wonder why the ‘A’ team would want one of its targets to work with them. Perhaps Spencer is working with Mona to get more information, or maybe she has completely lost it.  Whatever the reason, the season finale on Tuesday, March 19 at 8pm on ABC Family is sure to be the most dramatic episode of “Pretty Little Liars” to date.