Awkward Relationship Talks Kick off Third Season of “Awkward.”

Awkward Relationship Talks Kick off Third Season of Awkward.

Kelsey Whittier


One of MTV’s most popular shows, “Awkward,” has returned for its much anticipated third season, and so far the show has proved to be just as addicting as ever. The first season focused on the struggle of the relationship between uber popular Matty and the awkward outcast and protagonist Jenna. After a rough break up, Jenna falls in love with Matty’s best friend Jake, which sets up the premise for the second season—mostly a battle for Jenna’s love between Jake and Matty. The second season finale ended with Jenna choosing Matty, and supposedly this new season will focus on their relationship. Season three is also rumored to be darker than the previous seasons. “It’s a more mature theme,” says actress Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna.

The first two episodes premiered on the same night. The two episodes deal with the death of one of Jenna’s classmates, Ricky Schwartz, and a pregnancy scare that she tells Jake about before Matty— a decision that does not make Matty all too happy. While Val (Desi Lydic), the crazy guidance counselor and vice principal, interrogates popular mean girl Sadie  (Molly Tarlov) about Ricky Schwartz’ death-by-peanut, Jenna does everything in her power to avoid a talk with Matty. She believes the imminent confrontation will lead to a break up. Jenna tries to put as much distance between herself and Matty as possible, but her plan backfires when a group date turns into a walk down Memory Lane with Jake (Brett Davern), making things awkward among everyone.

Tamara (Jillian  Rose Reed), Jenna’s BFF and Jake’s new girlfriend, steps up and tells Jenna to cut it out and leave Jake in the past. Jenna admits Tamara is right and she finally faces Matty to talk, where she learns that he doesn’t want to break up at all. He was just hurt when he found out that she is able to tell Jake important things instead of him. Jenna promise to be more open, the two make up, and they basically make out until the screen faded to black. It is a typical teenager fight, but most people are just happy that the pair is back together. While many team Jake fans were probably hoping that Jenna confiding in him would lead to something more, they were sadly disappointed.

In an unexpected but nice turn of events, Sadie opens up. The series of shockingly human confessions she made throughout the episode— from telling Val and the detective that she is a virgin to telling Matty about her lonliness and insecurities— made her so much more likable. Of course, Sadie did have her classic killer one-liners this week, but her  predominantly honest and real personality reveals a nice new side of her hard exterior. Molly Tarlov displayed a vulnerability in Sadie that has only rarely been seen, and as season three continues, she will probably diplay this side more often.

The next episode, which premiers on April 30, will bring awkward issues with sex, parents, and secrets. It seems as though this episode, much like the rest of the season, will bring the perfect combination of humor and drama.