2013 Summer Concert Lineup Looks Promising

Concerts for the summer of 2013

Concerts for the summer of 2013

Nell Sandvos

Concerts for the summer of 2013
Just one of the many 2013 summer concerts

Like homework is to school, concerts are to summer.  Every summer, many artists and bands come up to the Boston area to perform live for their fans. Kids hassle their parents for money and they purchase their tickets for the upcoming concerts.  This summer seems to be no different, with a wide range of artists and bands coming back to Boston for a summer show. Check out the concert schedule below to start planning your concert lineup for this summer.

Dave Matthews Band

Comcast Center; June 15 and June 16

Once again, Dave Matthews Band is performing two nights at the Comcast Center in Mansfield.  The faithful fans of Dave Matthews sometimes attend both nights; however, this concert is attended by many music fans of different genres.  This is a very popular concert that many people attend, even if their not die hard DMB fans.  The laid-back feeling that DMB provides creates a very relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere at the Comcast Center that many people want to experience. This concert is often attended by people who are not even huge fans of DMB’s  music, but the cheapness of the tickets allows this concert to be more of an event that people can attend with their friends.  With lawn tickets being available for about $64,  buying a ticket is not a huge expense.  Dave Matthews Band is a great concert to attend if you’re just looking for a good time to listen to excellent music for a decent price.

One Direction

Comcast Center; June 26

One Direction is headlining their own concert at the Comcast Center for the first time this summer.  One Direction will also be sharing the stage with the group, “5 Seconds to Summer.”  This concert will mostly be popular amongst girls who are looking for a chance to listen and see the heartthrobs themselves.  The “dreamy” boy group will have girls drooling over them as they take the Comcast Center stage.  Tickets for the show however are very pricey, with lawn seats being the cheapest at $248 currently, but there is no doubt that teenage girls will pull out all the stops to get their hands on a ticket.

Tim McGraw, Brantley Gilbert & Love and Theft

Comcast Center; June 29

As part of the “Tim McGraw Two Lanes of Freedom” 2013 tour, McGraw headlines his tour with opening acts from Brantley Gilbert and Love & Theft this summer.  Fans of McGraw will be pleased with this concert, for he will not be playing at Country Fest at Gillette Stadium with Kenny Chesney like he did last year.  Country music concerts almost always are more of a party for fans to attend, rather than where fans intimately listen to the artist’s music.  When one thinks of country music, they often think of Tim McGraw, and his show will bring about many die hard fans who are ready to have a good redneck time at the Comcast Center with their pal Tim McGraw.  Fans can purchase a ticket for as little as $51 on the lawn.  This concert is must for all Tim McGraw fans; however, if you simply like country music at all and like to have a good time, you can afford a ticket to a great show.

Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen & Thomas Rhett

Fenway Park; July 12 and July 13

 This is one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer, simply because of the household names that are playing and its location.  Originally Aldean and Lambert were scheduled to play only one show, but a second was added due to the amount of fans who are anxiously awaiting this concert.  Fenway Park concerts are an entirely different atmosphere than the Comcast Center, or even Gillette. The intimacy and sacredness of Fenway Park makes it a very unique venue to play. Fenway has been home to several concerts beginning in 1973 when Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles first played there and blessed the park with their music.  Aldean and Lambert are the first country artists ever to play at Fenway, which has most recently hosted legends like, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, and Aerosmith.  Tickets for this show, however, are pricey with the cheapest ticket being around $158.  Aldean and Lambert are sure to put on a phenomenal show, and with opening acts from Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett, one has the opportunity to hear great music from four big country music stars. Most people believe that this is the best country concert of the summer.


TD Boston Garden; July 23

Beyonce comes to Boston this summer for her “Mrs.Carter World Tour” show.  The Mrs. Carter show promises to be Beyonce’s most ambitious show to date, even topping her critically acclaimed, “I am…World Tour” which reached number one on “Billboard’s Hot Tour Chart.”  As one of the most widely recognized and respected women in pop culture, this show is sure to be a sell-out with fans of all kinds attending. Beyonce’s concerts, which keep her audience entertained every second of the show, are more a performance than anything else, From the back up dancers to the energetic choreography, and wide range of special effects,  Beyonce delivers much more than her remarkable voice to her fans.   A “cheap” ticket for the show is $228 in the balcony of the TD Garden.  However, in this case, the money may be worth even a terrible seat, just so you can witness the insane show that Beyonce has promised to deliver.

Taylor Swift with Ed Sheeran

Gillette Stadium; July 26 and July 27

Taylor Swift comes back to play two nights at Gillette Stadium this year with her “Red” tour, after taking a few years off from touring since her “Speak Now” tour in 2011.  Taylor Swift has openly admitted to Gillette Stadium being one of her favorite places to perform, even telling Ellen Degeneres that playing at Gillette makes the list of her top five moments in life.  This show is obviously one of the most popular ones of the summer, with teenage girls, boys, and even adults buying their tickets way in advance. With her opening act being the breakout star Ed Sheeran, tickets this year are even more desirable.  Tickets for this show range anywhere between $100 and $2000.  Regardless of the price, you can count on a packed show for both nights and for Taylor Swift to make another great memory at Gillette Stadium.

Lil Wayne, T.I. & Future

Comcast Center; August 8

After being hospitalized for seizures earlier this month, Lil Wayne is recovering and ready to embark on tour alongside Atlanta’s own, T.I. and Future in the“America’s Most Wanted Tour of 2013”.  Lil Wayne hits up the Boston area August 8 at the Comcast Center with what is sure to be a special show.  When it comes to rap music, it seems that one either likes Lil Wayne passionately, or can’t stand his music at all.  However, it would be foolish to not call Wayne a lyrical genius, for it seems that every song he sings, or is featured on, clinches a top spot on the billboards.  This concert is affordable with lawn tickets being only $53, and is a nice break from what seems to be a country music filled summer. Lil Wayne’s concert may also be considered as more of a party, than a performance, considering the energy Wayne brings that translates back onto his audience.  Junior Caroline Feeley said, ” I absolutely can not wait until Lil Wayne’s concert.  It’s going to be crazy.”

Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake

Fenway Park; August 10 and August 11

  After a hiatus from his music career, pop charter Justin Timberlake is back at his music career with his top selling album of 2013,  “20/20 Experience.”  Timberlake and Jay-Z announced their co-headlining tour appropriately named the, “Legends of the Summer Tour.” It will hit North American and parts of Canada starting in July.  Timberlake, like Beyonce, is a great performer, and with him paired next to Jay-Z in Fenway Park on a Friday night in Boston- can you say amazing?  Regardless if you like his music or not, Justin Timberlake can put on a remarkable  show, and with Jay-Z performing as well, fans from all types of music can attend  the Fenway concert to watch this power duo light up Fenway Park.

John Mayer & Phillip Phillips

Comcast Center; August 17

John Mayer is mounting his first major concert tour in three years following an extended vocal hiatus brought on by his throat issues.  Mayer will be coming to Boston with his “Born and Raised” tour that was cancelled last year because of his illness.  Opening for Mayer will be “American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips who has found great success with his single, “Home”. Lawn seats are only $45, so buying a ticket for this concert won’t leave you broke.  A die hard John Mayer fan, junior Kyle Raftery said, “I’m extremely excited to see what kind of take he has on his concert playing now, considering its his first tour in three years.”  John Mayer is the type of artist whose music is liked by almost everyone, regardless of the type of person one is.  His concert is a great setting where friends of all kinds can meet together and relax while listening to the low key, chill music of Mayer.  This is a great concert to see as the summer winds down and you’re looking for something to do while having the perk of listening to a skilled musician.

Kenny Chesney with Eric Church at Country Fest

Gillette Stadium; August 23 and August 24

Kenny Chesney’s two-day ‘No Shoes Nation’ Tour stops in Foxboro once again this summer. Chesney has helped make the annual New England Country Music Festival at Gillette Stadium the largest concert series in New England, selling out Gillette Stadium each year from 2006 to 2009, and then again for two nights each in 2011 and 2012. Due to overwhelming demand for his Saturday, August 24, 2013 ‘No Shoes Nation’ Tour date at Gillette Stadium, an additional day was added.  Kenny Chesney, holds the Gillette Stadium record for the most sold out concerts with eight.  Additional performances from Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves and the Eli Young Band are also a part of this year’s Country Fest.  Tickets can be purchased for as low as $66; however its a nose bleed seat at Gillette and a good seat is close to $200. Attending Country Fest has become a tradition for many, and Gillette Stadium, for a weekend, becomes a chaotic scene filled with an endless view of cowboy hats and red solo cups. Country Fest is the perfect way to end the summer with a bang.