The Band Perry Releases Successful Second Album “Pioneer”


Megan Peterson

The Band PerryThe Band Perry just released their latest album Pioneers on April 2.  This new release follows their self–titled debut album that launched this family band into fame. The band got off to a good start with their first single, “Better Dig Two.”  They premiered it at the CMA Awards, and it has already earned a No. 1 on the charts. Their next single “Done” is not far behind, as its popularity grows more and more each day.  The feisty lyrics make it a song that will be turned up loud in the car with the windows down and everyone singing along. The album seems to be a sure fire win for The Band Perry.

The album is definitely not short on sass, as several of the tracks involve female empowerment.  One of the songs that falls into that category is “Chainsaw,” a track that any woman who has ever been done wrong will easily connect with.  This song is full of the anger anyone feels when being betrayed.  Kimberly does an amazing job communicating that anger with lyrics such as, “We wrote forever with a pocket knife/ But forever’s goin’ down tonight.”   “Pioneer” is an odd mixture of Bluegrass and what seems to be an 80’s rock influence.  The exciting part about this track is that the combination of the two different sounds actually works very well.  Thus, the listener is left with one of the most entertaining tracks on the album.

In the song “Forever Mine Nevermind,” the 80’s rock influence appears again.  This track entices the listener to get up and dance. The faster pace of this song and emotion that has obviously been poured into it by the band sets the expectations high for live performances of it.  Contradicting “Forever Mine Nevermind” is the track entitled “I Saw A Light.” It is the most traditional country song on this album, and it brings back memories of “If I Die Young.”

“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” has the potential to be a huge summer hit, as the instrumental aspect of the song compliments Kimberly’s strong vocals. This track could very well end up being one of the band’s biggest songs yet.   The album ends with a ballad, “End Of Time,” which couldn’t be a more perfect ending to a strong album.  The way Kimberly connects with the song makes the listener truly buy into everything she is saying.  Kimberly’s strong vocals,  her ability to play with her voice and hit those high notes, and the final connection to the band’s country roots creates a beautiful ending to Pioneer.  Overall, the Band Perry defiantly hit a homerun with this one, and they leave the listener waiting impatiently for their next album.