“Chicago Fire” Burns Up TV Screens With Season Two

Season two of Chicago Fire started off strong.

Season two of “Chicago Fire” started off strong.

Colleen Rockwell

Season two of "Chicago Fire" started off strong.
Season two of “Chicago Fire” started off strong.

Season two of “Chicago Fire” premiered on NBC on Tuesday, September 24 and the show is back and ready to burn up TV screens around the country. “Chicago Fire” is an action/drama show about a group of firefighters/paramedics who put out fires in the city of Chicago.  As viewers saw last season, Matt Casey, a lieutenant at Firehouse 51,  lost his fiance Hallie, a doctor, to a fire at her clinic and Matt is still recovering from his loss.  Kelly Severide, who is also a lieutenant at Firehouse 51 for rescue squad, finds out that his ex girlfriend Renee is pregant with his child, so he is going to be a father. The show has gone up in ratings since the premiere of the first season, so the show will most likely rake in more viewers than last season.

This season on “Chicago Fire,”  Firehouse 51 is on the short list of houses to close down in the city.  New characters are introduced, such as the city’s new consultant, Gail McLeod, who seems like a very cruel person from the premiere and she is blackmailing a firefighter named Clark, who is new to Firehouse 51. McLeod wants Clark to spy on Chief Boden and everyone else in the firehouse.  Viewers can see that there is something very strange about the new guy, Clark because he seems to isolate himself from the rest of the group.  Also, Severide seems to have an arson on his back and Matt’s friend Heather has gotten herself in big trouble with the law because she went out with friends and had a few drinks and was sighted with a DUI.

This season, there are many suspicions that viewers caught while watching the premiere, such as one of Firehouse 51’s newcomers could be the arson targeted against Severide, and also, the baby might not even be Severide’s.  The season two opener is a very good start, and the Severide- arsonist story will be very interesting to watch and see how the whole storyline will play out.  The whole storyline with Heather getting arrested will be interesting because she was not that big in season one since her husband died while putting out a fire and she is also a mother to two young children.

The writers of “Chicago Fire” intrigued viewers by planting seeds of future events that will occur in the show.  The arson plot, the Heather story, and the suspicion of the new guy, Clark, will hopefully play out in the next few episodes.   The second episode of the season looks to be very dramatic as Kelly’s girlfriend comes back and he questions her about whether the baby is his. Heather asks Matt to look after her boys while she is in jail and Kelly seems to find out who the arsonist is.  The Sophomore season of Chicago Fire has started off on the right note.  The next episode will premiere on Tuesday, October 8 at 10 pm eastern time.