Kelly Clarkson is “Wrapped in Red” and Ready For Christmas

Album artwork for Kelly Clarksons Wrapped in Red.

Album artwork for Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red.”

Colleen Rockwell

Album artwork for Kelly Clarkson's "Wrapped in Red."
Album artwork for Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red.”

Christmas celebration seems to come earlier every year.  Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for some, but the most stressful time of the year for others.  Even though Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, hopefully people will find a moment in their busy schedules to admire the music and movies that come along with this joyful season.  In the music industry, artists are known for recording Christmas songs and albums, and those who look forward to this holiday season have new Christmas songs to listen to every year to add to the festivities.

One artist who has decided to make a Christmas album this year is Kelly Clarkson, who was the first winner of the televised singing competition “American Idol.” Clarkson is one of the very few American Idol contestants to make it big in the music industry.  Following her popular albums “Thankful,” “Breakaway,” and “Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson released her sixth studio album, “Wrapped In Red,” on Tuesday, October 29, and the album debuted at number three on the Billboard Top 200.   “Wrapped in Red” is filled with original songs along with well-known Christmas classics.

Kelly Clarkson released a piano version of the classic hit “White Christmas” as the first single on her album.  Her version of the song has a soft melody that is great to listen to.  “Underneath the Tree” is an upbeat song off the album which shares the same theme with Mariah Carey’s Christmas hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  “Underneath the Tree” is a good song to listen to and dance around to while decorating the tree with friends and family, and it has the potential to become a classic hit this holiday season.

There are five original songs on Clarkson’s festive album that she co-wrote: “Wrapped in Red,” “Under the Tree,” “Every Christmas,” “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)”—which is about her first Christmas with her husband Brandon—and “4 Carats.”  The remaining nine are Christmas classics that most people know, such as “Please Come Home for Christmas (Bells Will Be Ringing).”  The track “Run Run Rudolph” is a trumpet-blaring song that shows off Clarkson’s rock star side.

The record ends with the classic Christmas song almost everyone knows: “Silent Night.” Clarkson brings in her Nashville friends Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood to sing the classic song with her.  This song is an amazing way to end the album, as McEntire’s distinctive voice is a powerful addition to the voices of Yearwood and Clarkson.   Most Christmas albums  are very repetitive without any original songs—just classics recorded by different artists in their own original ways.  “Wrapped in Red” is a Christmas album that incorporates both—Clarkson combines a mix of original songs and classic hits everyone knows, but with her own twist to the hits.  Kelly Clarkson has created an album that will soon become an album most Christmas enthusiasts will listen to for several holiday seasons to come.  Clarkson has proven her versatility with this album, as in the past she has sung varying genres of music from pop to country to these new Christmas classics.  If anyone is searching for the perfect addition to the holiday season, Clarkson’s new album “Wrapped in Red” may be the best fit.