Flume and Chet Faker Combine Talents in New EP

Album artwork for the Lockjaw EP

Album artwork for the “Lockjaw” EP

Emily Massarelli

Album artwork for the "Lockjaw" EP
Album artwork for the “Lockjaw” EP

In a generation enveloped in the hype of partying and clubbing, dubstep and dance mixes prevail. It seems as though artists can throw together a remix in minutes, but rarely does an artist thrive when producing original electronic music.

Flume, Harley Edward Streten, is known for his intoxicating, electronic tracks on his self-titled album released last year. The music and beats alone are enough to make album an unforgettable success, but  the track “Left Alone” featuring the smooth, enticing vocals of Chet Faker, added an edge to Flume’s beats, making for the perfect pairing. The two clearly recognized the unsurpassable success of their duo, as they recently released an EP titled Lockjaw. 

The EP only features three tracks, but three is enough to encompass the talents of both Flume and Chet Faker. Despite the briefness of the EP, Flume and Faker are able to achieve a variation in mood, ranging from energetic to angsty and solemn. Some may shy away from the notion of music that is solely electronic, but Flume’s talent draws in the listener, as Faker’s smooth voice puts a spin on otherwise dance-based tracks. “Drop The Game” emphasizes Chet Faker’s talent with an entire track of his singing, while Flume’s beats are still prominent and captivating.

Flume takes music that one would never listen to while simply doing homework or driving in the car with friends, and transforms it into music that you try to find every opportunity to listen to and find constantly stuck in your head. The match made in heaven delivers music that is usually unappealing to the average teenager as a substitute for the unbearable pop music that is enveloping the music industry.