“Pretty Little Liars” Intervention Turns Tables on Spencer


Aria snoops around Ezra’s cabin after Spencer tells her he might be A.

Karalyn Kickham

Aria snoops around Ezra's cabin after Spencer tells her he might be A.
Aria snoops around Ezra’s cabin after Spencer tells her Ezra might be A.

After four weeks of build-up on “Pretty Little Liars” — both suspenseful and pointless at times — Spencer finally cracks and tells Aria that she thinks Ezra is A.  This revelation, however, is not as ground-breaking or intense as was expected, since the girls are beginning to doubt Spencer’s credibility due to her excessive drug use and unreliable mental state.  Now that the tables have turned and even Emily and Hanna are doubting whether or not Ezra is A, so are viewers.  So, here are the reasons that hint that Ezra is A, along with the reasons viewers should think otherwise.

Clues that Ezra is A:

  • The girls think that Ezra planted Ali’s diary in an easy hiding place in his classroom because A made small changes to try and throw them off.
  • Mona tells Ezra she can’t help him anymore, but he says it is too late to back out.  Mona has been getting close to Mike recently, so maybe Ezra is trying to get Mona closer to Aria’s family.
  • Ezra never showed up after school when he said he would meet Emily there.  Instead, A showed up. Coincidence? Maybe not.
  • Spencer ran into Ezra at The Heart and the Huntsman, where Ezra was eating the pie and drinking the Board Shorts Ale from Alison’s stories.  He perfectly fits the description as the older boy Ali was seeing.
  • While they are at the cabin, Ezra sends Aria to the store for chickpeas that he already has so that he has time to check up on pictures of the four Liars that either A or a helper of A took while spying.
  • Hanna and Spencer know they are being watched by a camera outside Ezra’s apartment.
  • Aria notices that Ezra knows a detail about Spencer that Aria never told him, and only inside sources or A would know.

Clues that Ezra is not A:

Spencer’s credibility is almost nonexistent to the other girls.  She has been taking pills to keep her awake, so she has barely been sleeping and cannot think straight.  Spencer’s accusations of Ezra may be off due to her craziness. Spencer’s drugged up antics include:

  • lying to her friends about where she is. Hanna and Emily knew Spencer was home, but Spencer told them she was at the library.
  • pretending to be her mom on the phone with the doctor to refill an old prescription.
  • hallucinating throughout the entire black and white episode.  Spencer even brought up to the girls that Aria was almost shot in the back of a nightclub — something that happened in her hallucination.
  • sleep-walking to the school in the middle of the night.  Spencer woke up in Ezra’s classroom completely disoriented and unaware of what had happened.

Spencer’s hallucinations in the black and white episode — which, by the way, was completely unnecessary and boring — were extreme and gave Spencer plenty of far-fetched ideas that do not match up with reality.  Based on Spencer’s recent behavior, nothing Spencer says is very reliable, and she could be wrong about Ezra being A.

Clues that could go either way:

  • Ezra tells Aria that in order for her feelings of uneasiness in their relationship to go away, she needs to think of him as the person she is closest to.  Is this a sign of love, or is Ezra just trying to lure Aria in?
  • After snooping through Spencer’s school records, Ezra tells Aria that Spencer is on drugs and has had problems with this in the past.  He says that either Aria tells Spencer’s parents, or Ezra will have to get the school involved.  Ezra says he is concerned about Spencer, but he could be trying to diminish her credibility with the other girls to get himself off the hook.
  • When what was supposed to be Aria’s intervention turns into an intervention for Spencer, Aria tells Spencer that she got her school file from Ezra.  Spencer freaks out and says Ezra is trying to undermine her because he is A, but the girls are skeptical because of Spencer’s poor mental health.
  • Aria is curious about Ezra, so she sneaks into his cabin where she finds an essay about Alison, written by Ezra.  When Ezra shows up, he tries to explain to Aria that even though he has lied about a lot of things, he has not lied about how he feels about Aria.  Ezra says he had a relationship with Alison before she went missing, and he has been writing a true crime book to try to figure out what happened to Ali.  Ezra has been investigating Ali’s case for years, trying to be the man who figures everything out.  Ezra knew who Aria and her friends were before he met them, and that is why he applied to Rosewood in the first place.  Aria was research, but Ezra fell in love with her.

Whether Ezra’s story is true or he is actually A, Aria does not trust him at all anymore.  As weird as Ezra’s story about trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Alison is, it could make sense and would explain all of his snooping and spying.  With this unexpected twist, viewers are eager to learn where Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna will go from here.  Tune in to ABC Family on Tuesday, February 25 at 8 pm to find out what happens next on “Pretty Little Liars.”