Summer 2014 Concerts Impress Local Music Fans

Summer 2014 Concerts Impress Local Music Fans

Jamie Ferguson

No summer would be complete without a strong musical presence. Concert-goers of all genres satiated their musical thirst with a myriad of performances throughout the summer of 2014. Here’s merely a sampling of that live music selection.

Keith Urban: Hiromi Kondo

Keith Urban toured his most recent album Fuse in Mansfield at the Xfinity center on August 26, 2014. The concert also drew other fan-bases with openers Brett Eldrege and Jerrod Niemann. The most anticipated song from the album was “Cop Car” that had reached number eight on the iTunes and Country Airplay charts. To the delight of lawn fans, Keith Urban performed on a surprise lawn stage. Towards the end of his concert, he performed his most recent single “Somewhere In My Car.” Judging by yet another successful concert at the Xfinity center, fans can look forward to future excellent performances next summer.

Paramore and Fall Out Boy: Jamie Ferguson

Alternative chart-toppers Paramore and Fall united for Monumentour, a nationwide arena tour where the two bands co-headlined. Performing at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, the night kicked off with Paramore’s vivacious set, led by fiery lead singer Hayley Williams. Performing new hits such as “Ain’t It Fun” and “Still Into You,” as well as older classics like “Whoa” and “For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic,” Williams engaged the crowd throughout their set through constant chatter with the audience and energetic dance movies as she sung. Following a short intermission, Fall Out Boy’s set was peppered with an equal variety of old and new songs, as they played new songs such as “Phoenix” and “Alone Together” as well as classic hits such as “Sugar We’re Going Down” and “Grand Theft Autumn.” The powerful combination of both bands made the show a night to remember, and gave alternative fans a two-in-one opportunity to see some of their favorite bands.

Brad Paisley: Ellie Kalemkeridis

Brad Paisley showcased his Country Nation Tour on August 23rd at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.  Following the slew of country concerts earlier in the summer, Brad surely ended the season with a bang.  Although the concert was not sold out, there were still plenty of fans who lined up to see the country star. Several performers opened up for Brad, including Leah Turner, Charlie Worsham, Dee Jay Silver, and Randy Houser.  Brad played several hits, including crowd favorites “River Bank,” “Remind Me,” and “Beat this Summer.”  Brad thrilled the fans when he came back on and played “Alcohol” as an encore. Exhilarated and entertained, fans went home craving more of their favorite country singer.

Beyonce and Jay Z: Lucy Lynch

Beyonce and Jay Z: alone, they’re impressive – but together, they are spectacular and no summer concert was more historic than the couple’s On the Run Tour. The famous duo’s United States tour became the second most successful tour ever, grossing a whopping 5,000,000 dollars per show. Throughout the show, Jay Z and Bey performed many of their famous duets like “‘03 Bonnie and Clyde,” “Upgrade U” and of course their recent hit, “Drunk in Love.” In total, they performed snippets of 42 songs in just under three hours – an unbelievable feat that combined quality music with talented dancers and extravagant outfit changes. Perhaps what made this tour so magical was seeing the true chemistry of Beyonce and Jay Z in light of the recent speculations that the two were headed for divorce. On the Run dispelled all rumors of Beyonce and Jay Z’s failed marriage, but more importantly amazed fans and critics nationwide.

One Direction: Rachel Spang

While the perceived image of hordes of screaming girls may turn off the casual concert-goer, One Direction’s Where We Are Tour displayed their dynamic, developing image and sound. Aussie opener 5 Seconds of Summer, who gained fame over the summer with Top-40 singles “She Looks So Perfect” and “Amnesia,” impressed the audience with their punk-inspired live sound that contrasted their polished, poppy records. One Directions setlist was scattered with their classic pop anthems, such “Kiss You” and the classic “What Makes You Beautiful,” but mostly focused on showcasing their new sound. Folk-inspired tracks such as “Story of My Life” and “Through the Dark” flaunted the boys’ vocal talent, while rock-influenced tracks “Alive” and “Midnight Memories” excited audiences with their mature nature. While One Direction has proved their bubblegum-pop style in the past, their Where We Are Tour shows that the boy band should not be immediately discredited, as they continue to evolve with every subsequent album. The boys’ high-energy performances and impressive vocals left audiences dazzled and made fans out of the most casual attendees.