Kenny Chesney Shows Maturity in “Hemingway’s Whiskey”

On September 28 Kenny Chesney released his newest album Hemingways Whiskey

On September 28 Kenny Chesney released his newest album Hemingway’s Whiskey

Jeff Meaney

On September 28 Kenny Chesney released his newest album Hemingway's Whiskey

After seven consecutive years of touring, and selling out stadiums across the United States, country music star Kenny Chesney decided to take 2010 off from touring. Chesney’s reasons for taking time off were to clear his mind and work on another studio album. During his hiatus from touring, Chesney worked on “Hemingway’s Whiskey,” his first album in two years after his 2008 release “Lucky Old Sun”. On September 28, Kenny Chesney released “Hemingway’s Whiskey” featuring “The Boys of Fall” his single which currently sits at number one on Country Billboards Top 100.

At 42 years old, Chesney has matured from his previous party hits- “Out Last Night” and “Beer in Mexico”. In Chesney’s newest hit single “Boys of Fall” Chesney reminises on playing high school football.  In “Where I Grew Up”, Chesney sings about growing up in a small Tennessee town. Beach themed songs have helped propel Chesney into stardom and have seperated him from other country singers.  Chesney added “Costal” and “Seven Days” to Hemingway’s Whiskey to satisfy his beach-loving fans. Another common theme in many of Chesney’s songs is relaxation. “Round and Round” and “Reality” were added to “Hemmingway’s Whiskey” in an effort to relax his listeners, something he has done successful throughout the years.

The album is rounded off with “Hemingway’s Whiskey”, a cover of Guy Clark’s 2009 song, a tribute to Earnest Hemingway.  “Hemingway’s Whiskey” is an ode to Earnest Hemingway’s hard drinking ways which many believe fueled his creative ability.  This passionate cover proves than while Chesney has matured greatly during his hiatus, he still possesses the fun loving spirit that has captured the hearts of so many listeners over the years.

“Hemingway’s Whiskey” is another step in Chesney’s maturation from a young party-going entertainer to the seasoned country singer he is today.