“Jurassic World” Takes a Bite out of the Box Office

Jurassic World Takes a Bite out of the Box Office

Daanya Salmanullah


When viewers think of seeing Jurassic World, the fourth installment to the now billion dollar Jurassic Park franchise, their only thought is: how can the newest movie even compare to the beloved original in which realistic dinosaurs were on their screens for the first time? The answer to this question is that the movie contains world class effects, a thrilling plot, a deadly genetically engineered dinosaur, and a new passion for velociraptors that no one would ever expect.

Jurassic World, the theme park, has been built alongside the original park featured in the first few movies on the island of Isla Nublar off the coast of Costa Rica. The park contains the typical attractions of a petting zoo featuring young and friendly triceratops, the Hammond education center where visitors can learn about each of the park’s animals, and even a Sea World-style show featuring an ancient aquatic animal, the Mosasaurus, in a feeding show.

The dinosaurs featured in Jurassic World capture the audience’s attention from their first dramatic appearance in the movie. Whether it is the Indominus Rex, a raptor, a pterodactyl, or the classic Tyrannosaurus Rex, the ridiculously lifelike features of the extinct animals will not disappoint. Of course, there is a never-ending amount of razor-sharp teeth and bloodshed, which some critics argue is the only advancement in the creatures, but there is much more. The genetically modified Indominus Rex, whose name means the “fierce or untamable king,” meets all of the requirements of an out-of-control, bloodthirsty dino. She is designed to be larger than the T-Rex, have a roar which is paralleled only by the sound of a 747 taking off, and have a few hidden features that wreak havoc throughout the movie.

Although the dinosaurs are extra carnivorous in this movie, with the help of ex-Navy man Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), the audience learns to find a new appreciation for the raptors which were made infamous in the first movies of the series as unforgiving killers. As the velociraptor trainer, Grady develops a relationship with the animals such as the Alpha would with his wolf-pack, and later fights for their freedom when the park’s head of security, Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio), wants to commercialize the raptors as weapons for the army. Certainly, there is also the conflict between dino and human – as the creators of the park defy the laws of nature by creating Indominus Rex, who kills everything in her path – as well as the fight for family. Two nephews (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) of a manager of the park, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), come to visit her as their parents go through a divorce, and a much-needed love story develops between Claire and Owen as they fight to save the park from Hoskins and save themselves from the dinosaurs.

Whether the audience is interested in the story of love, brotherhood, survival, or just the dinosaurs, the viewers will get to experience a once in a lifetime bond and battle between man and beast and see history’s greatest creatures come back to life in this new classic.