The Rebellion’s Guide to Local Food Favorites

Every town, no matter how small, has its share of local eateries. Walpole is no different—it, too, is teeming with diners, drive-throughs and dives. The restaurants on this page are only a few of the many great places around Walpole where residents can stop for snacks, dinner or brunch. Ranging from indulgent french fry-filled wraps to refreshingly light salads, Walpole’s food scene truly does offer something for everyone.

Jimmy’s Pizzeria

By Emily Luong, A&E Editor

French Fries…………………4.75

Jimmy’s distinguishes itself from other pizzerias by going beyond the classic pies with its appetizers, especially the extra crispy fries. Jimmy’s fries are cooked to golden brown perfection with a signature crunch, the perfect sidekick for any of the restaurant’s wide selection of freshly made pizzas, calzones, subs and pastas. The serving is big enough to more than satisfy one person or share with a few others. Although Jimmy’s is located away from the hub of downtown Walpole and therefore is not frequented by a young demographic, the pizza joint is truly a hidden gem in a sea of other famed pizzerias that have set up shop all around Walpole.

Conrad’s Restaurant

By Rebecca Boyajian, Staff Writer

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Steak Tips…………………14.99

Apart from its comfortable and friendly atmosphere, Conrad’s Restaurant has a delicious and wide array of reasonably priced food options., from their satisfying and fresh “Goat Cheese Salad” to simple but delicious appetizers such as the onion rings or fried pickles. However, there is one dish that keeps the residents of Walpole coming back for more: “Conrad’s Famous Marinated Sirloin Steak Tips”. It is almost impossible to resist the always perfectly-cooked steak tips, a dish that most will recommend. However, if not in the mood for the tips, Conrad’s caters to every craving a customer could have.

Bristol Square Cafe

By Emily Luong, A&E Editor

Bristol Banquet II…………………7.45

Every town has a homey place where diners can start their days right with a fulfilling meal. For the residents of Walpole, Bristol Square Café is the place to be. While the Café serves a delicious array of lunch options, perhaps its most popular menu items are its signature breakfasts. From items such as “The Scrambler” to “The Hash Wrap,” Bristol Square Café has something for everyone. However, for those who want to experience the best of the Café’s vast breakfast options, “The Bristol Banquet” is the perfect sampler plate. This filling dish consists of eggs cooked any style, pancakes or french toast, bacon and sausages with home fries, baked beans or fruit. Serving generous portions of food at affordable prices, Bristol Square Café is the go-to restaurant for those who want a comforting, home-cooked style meal. We use only the best hog casings, you can check out about this produce at

Rico’s Pizza and Subs

By Rebecca Boyajian, Staff Writer

BJ Wrap…………………7.50

Most towns have one restaurant where students go after school to eat and hang out; for Walpole, that place is undoubtedly Rico’s Pizza and Subs. It is difficult to find a resident of Walpole who does not have a favorite dish from this classic pizza place. Amongst its sandwiches, subs, wraps and pizzas, the legendary “BJ Wrap” is famous throughout the surrounding towns. The wrap consists of crispy bacon, french fries and chicken fingers smothered in melted mozzarella cheese and tangy honey mustard barbeque sauce, all wrapped in a soft tortilla and slightly grilled. Another food item that keeps people coming back for more is the “Chicken Kabob Salad,” marinated grilled chicken on top of a greek salad. Rico’s is undoubtedly one of Walpole’s classic after-school hangouts.

Farmer in the Dell

By Natalie Luongo, A&E Editor

Asian Chili Noodle Salad…………………9.00

Serving higher-end casual fare, Farmer in the Dell has earned its place among Walpole’s classic restaurants. It has risen through the ranks in just a few short years, with its assortment of rustic options for food and drink. Its extensive wine menu, hearty sandwiches and wholesome salads attract teenagers and adults alike, but a crowd favorite is the Asian Chili Noodle Salad. It is unlike any traditional salad: a generous scoop of thin rice noodles rests on a bed of mixed greens garnished with mint and peanuts, all tossed with a sweet chili dressing. It’s a combination of healthy and indulgent, and its fusion flavors are one of the most innovative things to come out of Walpole’s food scene lately. If visiting the Dell in the morning, be sure to try “The Chicken or the Egg” breakfast sandwich.