Review: ‘Fuller House’ is Picked Up for a Second Season Despite Negative Criticial Reception


Rebecca Boyajian

Original ideas have taken a back seat lately as a streak of reboot and remakes gain immense popularity in the entertainment industry. This technique of building off of something already established puts remakes at risk of falling short of the original; however, it guarantees that a large audience will be watching. Now TV is jumping on the sequel bandwagon and has begun to adopt the method of resurrecting popular shows and producing spin-off series. One of the most anticipated reboots of this year was the return of the Tanner family in the spin-off Netflix Original “Fuller House,” derived from the beloved 90s sitcom “Full House.” This show was produced to please long-time “Full House” fans and thus fails to appeal to viewers not familiar with the original show, hence the remake’s negative critical reception.

It is apparent that many first season episodes set out to give fans a taste of nostalgia. The show is not necessarily anything special apart from it being a reunion of the characters. Most of the jokes being brought back are funny only due to their connotation with the original and the special guest stars are only exciting if the viewer knows who they were in “Full House.”Perhaps if the show veers off the nostalgia path then it will appeal to more people and expand its fan base further. The first season, however, definitely caters to superfans who are able to pick up on old jokes brought back to life and marvel at guest appearances from old cast members. The show, almost instantly renewed for a second season, will hopefully stray from the reminiscence factor in the future and be able to stand on its own.

“Full House” had a comfortable and accepting vibe throughout the entirety of its eight seasons. Practically every “Full House” episode concluded with a giant hug shared by the whole family and was topped off with a valuable life lesson dished out by either Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), Joey Gladstone (David Alan Coulier) or Uncle Jesse (John Stamos). The show was innocently funny and approached real life problems with a caring and sweet approach while still incorporating youthful comedy. The new reboot unfortunately fails to recreate this exact feeling but does establish a different vibe all its own.

The “Fuller” reboot resembles a show that would air on the Disney Channel with its over-the-top delivery and goofy humor. Viewers begin the show believing they are watching a goofy children’s show but are thrown off by the adult jokes that are mixed in. The mature humor is yet another reason some look at the show in a negative viewpoint—the original did not include this type of humor. The goofy humor is polar opposite of the adult-humor and the two often clash, but the more adult-oriented humor makes sense as the original fan base has aged with the show. The reboot aimed to please adults who watched the original when they were younger and adjusted the humor to fit its audience’s maturing attitudes.

History repeats itself as the reboot’s storyline matches up quite nicely with the original. D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron-Bure ) is a widowed, single mother of three children, and she begins to feel stress and responsibility weighing down on her. She turns to best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) and sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) for help. Gibbler, the wacky next-door neighbor, is a party planner who lacks any development in her personality since the original show ended. Steph, on the other hand, is now a DJ who spins at Coachella under the alias DJ Tanner.

The entire cast helps to aid D.J, although not every actor appears regularly. However, there was an absence in which prevented a complete reunion: Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), who lacks even a guest appearance on the show. Danny explains that Michelle is busy running her fashion empire in New York as the cast turns to stare into the camera, an obvious dig at the Olsen twins, who skipped the reunion to focus on their fashion careers. Plenty of jokes are made at the expense of the Olsen twins and their expensive clothing line as the cast explains that with prices as high as theirs, it is no wonder they don’t need to act anymore. Although fans were upset at the absence of Michelle, it is rumored that she may make an appearance in the next season.

Toward the end of the season it appeared as though the show was getting into the groove of forging its own vibes and contributing its own type of energy to the show. The second season will likely be an improvement as the cast and directors figure out what they did wrong and what fans like and adjust accordingly. The show, though inundated with negative reviews, achieved the goal it set out to achieve: satisfying old-time fans. People were enthused with the new reboot of the old show and are highly anticipating season two. Hopefully the Olsen twins will reprise their beloved role as Michelle Tanner in the future and there can be a complete reunion of the original cast. Although there is no set release date for the next season fans are already anticipating how the Tanner storyline will further progress in the second installment of the “Fuller House.”