New Artists and Albums that May Have Passed You By this School Year


Rebecca Boyajian

With finals here, it is important to keep a level head and take time to relax between study sessions. For many students, this means listening to music, which is a great stress relief; however, what to listen to can be a daunting question. Trying out some new artists and albums is a refreshing choice when the same old Spotify playlists are unsatisfying. Here is a list of new artists and albums that flew under the radar as the busy school year grasped students’ full attention.


Spencer Radcliffe

The artist’s debut album, “Looking In,” is full of futuristic, lo-fi vibes, and Radcliffe also incorporates electronic sounds into his rock music. Certain songs such as “Looking in” and “Other Side” need an acquired taste to be appreciated, but for anyone looking to step out of the norm and venture into something new, this album is ideal.

Song to check out first: “Mia”



Boots is not entirely new to the music scene but has only recently come out with his debut solo album, “Aquaria,” which introduces fast-paced rapping accompanied by unique techno-sounding beats. The producer, singer and songwriter is no stranger to the industry as he is responsible for the formation of the band The Blonds and many of the songs on Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album, which enabled him to showcase his talents and resulted in a publishing deal with Jay-Z.

Song to Check out First: “Mercy”


Nothing But Thieves

Their self titled album “Nothing But Thieves” was released only about a year ago and is influenced by another English band, Muse, while still providing their own uniqueness. The song selection from the album ranges from slow and sad to heavy indie rock. The band’s lead vocalist, Conor Mason, adds a level of drama to their music with his energetic and dramatic voice, making the band stand out from the rest.

Song to check out first: “Drawing Pins”, “Trip Switch”


Black Honey

Female-fronted band Black Honey is an alternative indie punk band whose songs are blended with a pop influence accompanied with heavy guitar. They produced their first EP in 2015, introducing their rebellious and passionate sound to the world, and have recently released their first full length album, “All My Pride.”

Song to Check out first: “Teenager”


Cigarettes after Sex

As most could deduce from the title, the music this band produces has a very slow indie sound. Saturated with drowsy, melancholy lyrics, their music is perfect when looking for relaxing tunes to calm nerves. The band is an exemplary pick for those who enjoy the chill vibes of Halsey or Lana Del Rey.

Song to check out first: “Starry Eyes”


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Music for Finals Studying