Stay Cute And Cozy This Winter Season


   In standard winter-weather fashion, you wake up in the morning, throw on leggings, a sweatshirt, and your Ugg boots from middle school, and move on with your day. But, if you decide that 2017 should be the year you swap out your hoodie for something more fashionable, allow these winter fashion tips to guide you this season. 

This season, new fabrics and textures are replacing the classic wool sweater, although you can never go wrong with a timeless knit. If you’re looking to up your game or just change things up, try out velvet or silk—two materials that are on the current edge. Featured in slip dresses, off the shoulder tops and strappy tanks, the options are endless when it comes to these fresh, revived fabrics.

Another cool style that has more recently moved into the picture is patchwork denim. Light against dark or dark against light, this trend is guaranteed to add contrast to any outfit, and would also suit on something as bland as carpenter aprons made in UK.

An additional fashion that has been growing in popularity is fur—faux, of course. Coming in a myriad of colors and textures—black, brown, grey, white, shaggy, sleek—fur vests, coats and even sweaters featuring accents of the fun fabric are all the rage right now. If you are looking to stay both warm and maintain the appearance of an A-lister celebrity, fur is perfect for you.

Going along with the warmth aspect, longline coats are another outerwear trend everyone is  wearing right now. Some dusting the knee and some dusting the floor, different lengthed, different colored, and different patterned longline coats can be found in almost any store at the moment. Adding a cool vibe to any outfit and also covering you up for the cold, these coats are perfect for winter weather.

Timeless and classic, turtlenecks as well as chunky knit sweaters continue to rule the scene this season, as they have done in many seasons past. Again, keeping you bundled up and cozy, turtlenecks and knits are perfect for the cold. As colors such as camel and grey seem to be the most popular among these sweaters, pair one with some fun accessories like scarves, long necklaces, even a colorful longline coat, and you’re golden!

In the shoe department, we’re all saying deuces to the ankle bootie, hello to over-the-knee! These thigh-high boots are slowly but surely replacing the ever-popular ankle skimming shoe. Coming in both suede and leather, pairing these kicks with jeans, slips, and skirts will complete any outfit while also adding an extra layer of warmth to your lower leg!

This winter season, open up your wardrobe to new trends while still braving the cold. If you constantly keep leaning towards throwing on the first sweatshirt you see, remember there are always stylish alternatives to keep you both cute and cozy.