Lesser-known Alternative Artists to Add to Your Playlist

Lesser-known Alternative Artists to Add to Your Playlist

Catherine Hurwitz

Passionate and creative singer-songwriters found online

Daniela Andrade

Starting out as a teenager using her father’s recording devices, Montréal-based Daniela Andrade now sweeps away YouTube viewers with her profound charm. Andrade posts her original songs, covers and vlogs to YouTube. She sings into an old-fashioned microphone and has a classy style of jet black hair juxtaposing against pale skin. Singing in a similar style to How I Met Your Mother’s version of Edith Piaf’s famous anthem, Andrade covers “La Vie En Rose” with an acoustic guitar. Additionally, she executes the classic “Stars Fell on Alabama” as a duet with Hanbyul Kang. She also covers Christmas songs with an acoustic twist, as well as pop hits. Beyond covers,  Andrade is a singer-songwriter. “It’s really important to let yourself be expressive, and you’ll slowly find yourself,” she said in one vlog. Her Christmas original, “No One But You,” and her popular piece, “Dark Coffee,” incorporate acoustic guitar with a string background. Andrade’s love for music is apparent in her videos and can fit any mood.

Billie Eilish

Being only fifteen years old, Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell surpasses many other girls her age with musical innovation. Bille Eilish’s unique style is what sets her apart from all others. Eilish has recorded with her older brother, Finneas O’Connell. Her appearance may seem monochrome to some with her grey-blonde hair and pale skin, but her eyes and colorful clothing make her stand out. Eilish’s hit “sHE’S brOKen” not only highlights the clarity of her voice, but it claims her creativity with a play on words through mixing “she’s broken” with “he’s ok.” The fan-favorite “Ocean Eyes,” one of her highly quotable songs, features a mystical music video with her staring at the camera to enchant the listeners. She brings many bright colors into the music video for “Bellyache.” Vogue and Billboard recognize Eilish as an emerging young artist. She has pop roots, but is primarily an independent artist. Taking a big, creative step forward in the music world is seen as risky to most at such a young age, but Eilish conquers the risk with originality and drive.

Joseph Vincent

As an emerging artist from San Fernando Valley in Southern California, Joseph Vincent Encarnacion captures the hearts of his listeners with acoustic and relaxed vibes similar to Ed Sheeran. Going by simply Joseph Vincent, this singer-songwriter appeared on the Ellen Show back in 2010 with his viral cover of Iyaz’s “Replay.” Vincent’s neutral colors and earrings give off a suave vibe, which couples with his mellow tone on the ukulele and acoustic guitar.  One of his covers is the Tagalog song “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko,” which has the pleasant meaning of children growing old together. Even his covers of classics, like Extreme’s “More than Words,” show his immense vocal range and groove into the music. Vincent’s most popular original, “Blue Skies,” is one based on his own experiences through relationships. Two of his other many original songs include “Magnetize” and “Memory.” Vincent can catch attention by sitting unplugged in front of a camera or by playing with a background band in his well-executed music videos.


Lead singer Mandy Lee, guitarist Marc Campbell, bass guitarist William Hehir, saxophonist Mike Murphy, percussionist Etienne Bowler, and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Blum come together as Misterwives. This lesser-known pop band based in New York City is influenced by Motown, as it includes many genres including funk and pop. The group originally got together by pure coincidence: Lee and Hehir were brought together by mutual friends, jammed together and were later joined by the rest.  Lee said, “it was serendipitous for us to all meet very randomly and work so well together.” Misterwives features many elaborate costumes in its videos. For example, “Machine” features an Egyptian warrior theme, “Not Your Way” takes the viewer back in time to a 1920’s silent movie, and “Reflections” is based in a private school setting. The chemistry of the group is apparent. The song “Our House” was written by Lee inside a treehouse that Bowler built. Lee, although the face of the band, is still equally accompanied by her fellow musicians.