Meet the Captains: Boys Basketball

Matt Falvey

When did you first begin playing the sport? 

6 years old.

Do you want to play this sport in college? 


Are you committed for this sport? 


Who was a prominent coach in your sports career? Why? 

Coach McDermott, he was one of my youth coaches. He taught me a ton about basketball and was really fun to play for. 

What other activities/clubs are you involved in? 


How do you feel going into this season?

I am feeling good about the group of guys we’re bringing back along with some new players.

What are some goals set for the team this coming season?/How do you plan to achieve these goals?

 We just want to get better everyday in practice and in games by working hard.  

Who are some big opponents/rivals? Why? 

Playing Norwood is always a big game even though they aren’t in our league anymore, but also teams like Wellesley because we usually play them twice a year.

Do you think the team will make tournament/post season? How far do you think you’ll make it?

 I definitely think this team can make the postseason and I hope we have a good run, but we are just trying to make it there first.