Girls and Boys Basketball Home Openers

On Tuesday Dec. 13, the boys basketball team kicked off their 2022-2023 season against Needham High School. Similarly, the girls basketball team faced Braintree high school as their home opener on Friday Dec. 16 at Walpole High School (WHS). Both the girls and boys team presented much talent on both ends of the court with notable energy and team chemistry. As the basketball program at WHS was extremely successful last year, both teams making runs in playoffs, there is much hope for the program this year as several players return for another season  as there are multiple returning players. 

Being the first home game of the season, the boys team came out strong, full of much senior talent. After the loss of several talented players the previous year, the boys had to adjust to the change and create a new starting lineup. This year, the team is led by senior captains James Gaba (1), Trey Corbean (4) and Sean O’Brien (12), all returning starters from last year’s team. The game started fast as both teams were aggressive to the ball and eager to keep the pace going. By the end of the first quarter, Needham led Walpole by 7 points making the score 19-12 closing the first. With the  second and third quarters hard fought by Walpole, they still trailed Needham’s lead. The game ended at 65-51, with Needham taking the win. Although this was not the turnout the boys wanted, there is much hope for this team as this was only their first game, and each player plays with the eagerness for success.

“I think playing together as a team and executing in games will give us success,” Corbean said. 

Likewise,  the girls varsity basketball team faced Braintree High School in their home opener, excited to bring back their starting lineup from last year. As the majority of the players on the team remain the same, the girls hopes for as strong a season as last year. This year, the team is led by senior captains Brooke Walonis (10), Haley Brigham (13) and Catie Hurley (33), all bringing a strong presence to the court each play. The girls never fail to represent their mantra “We Over Me” on the court as they had great teamwork and effort defensively keeping the opponent at 0 points in the first quarter. The final score of the game was 56-23, Walpole securing their first at home victory this season. The energy on this team is undeniable, and could potentially be an advantage to the team’s continued success in the program. 

“I think the key for success this year for us will be just getting better everyday and not looking ahead but just focusing on the next opponent,” Hurley said.