2019 Rec. Basketball Power Rankings: Week One Review

The 2019 Rec. Basketball season has begun and each team has played their first two games. A number of teams had a rough start while other teams are undefeated. Here are the Week One Power Rankings and Review.

  1. Warriors: ( ↑ ) W vs. Bulls – W vs. Heat: With two huge wins to start their season, the Warriors move up to the number one overall seed. As expected, junior Jack Magane went off on Saturday with 27 points in a win against the Bulls. On Sunday, the Warriors had to deal with the absence of Magane, getting the job done for their second win against the Heat. “We won both games pretty easily and we should definitely be thought of as a power house team. But, I have to improve my game in order for us to get even better,” Magane said.
  2. Thunder: ( ↑ ) W vs. Knicks – W vs. Celtics: The Thunder slide up to the number two seed as they also start the season undefeated. Heading into their game against the Knicks, the Thunder were not afraid of the challenge that was ahead of them, a challenge that resulted in just a five point upset. On Sunday, the Thunder took on a lesser opponent of the Celtics, winning, 61-39. Senior Harry Katsaros was automatic from deep as he racked up double-digit points on Sunday. “Overall, I think a balance of our team’s chemistry, depth and skill has helped us play well and get off to a 2-0 start. We got defense, shooting and a group of determined players so lock us in as a serious contender,” Katsaros said.
  3. Knicks: ( ↓ ) L vs. Thunder – W vs. Rockets: The Knicks drop down to the number three seed after losing to the Thunder on Saturday. But, on Sunday the Knicks upset the Rockets after putting up 93 points against what was a highly rated team. Seniors Andrew White and Aidan Murray led the Knicks as they proved their talents on offense, along with senior Jay Goodrich’s talents for the mental side of the game that led to a large number of free-throws missed for the opposition. “We had a tough stretch of games over the weekend and it is always tough with a double header with back to back games two days in a row, but we really grinded out the dub on Sunday,” Goodrich said.
  4. Magic: ( – ) W vs. Nuggets – W vs. Nets: A third team who started off undefeated, the Magic took care of business against two of the weaker teams, defeating the Nuggets and the Nets. Leading the Magic is senior Jack O’Meara, who combined for 47 points over the weekend as he scored from anywhere and everywhere. Along with O’Meara, the sneaky sharp shooter of senior Nick Mealy dropped 12 points on Sunday, shooting 67% from behind the arc. “We played some pretty weak teams but we handled business and have to keep the momentum heading into the next two games,” said O’Meara.
  5. Rockets: ( ↓ ) W vs. Lakers – L vs. Knicks: Starting the weekend off strong, the Rockets took care of the Lakers in their first game as they won by 36 points. On Sunday, the Rockets took on the Knicks at a packed Johnson Middle School gym for a high-energy matchup. The Rockets ended up going home embarrassed, as the Knicks won, 93-61, with ease. Sunday’s game against the Knicks showed the Rockets weaknesses on defense. “After our first game, we looked like the best team to ever be put together until Sunday when the Knicks beat us. We have to improve as a team,” senior Matt Schultz said.
  6. Cavaliers: ( ↑ ) W vs. Heat – W vs. Wizards: The Cavaliers jump to the number six seed as they start their season, 2-0. On Saturday, the Cavaliers topped the Heat, 57-56, with senior Matt Donato proving his worth as he hit a jumper from just inside the arc with under 20 seconds left to give his team the lead and what would become the victory. On Sunday, the Cavaliers walked all over the Wizards in a comfortable victory, 86-47. “I think people are starting to realize the Cavaliers were disrespected by the Preseason Power Rankings, we are a talented squad who will be on the rise,” Donato said.
  7. Bulls: ( – ) L vs. Warriors – W vs. Mavericks: The Bulls started off their season against a tough Warriors team, as they were unable to handle Magane in the 15 point loss. On Sunday, they took on the Mavericks in which senior Ben Scannell was able to lead the Bulls to finish their weekend, 1-1. Scannell’s all around shooting package was able to put up enough points for the win. “We are just getting used to this new team. The first game was tough because we had never played together before. But after that, we finished the weekend on a high note against the Mavericks without our star player, Joe Colbert,” Scannell said.
  8. Heat: ( ↓ ) L vs. Cavaliers – L vs. Warriors: The Heat drop down to the number eight seed to start their season, 0-2. Although, they do not fall too far in the Power Rankings as their losses were against two top teams. On Saturday, the Heat and Cavaliers went head to head until Donato hit the shot that sealed the one point victory for the Cavaliers. On Sunday, the Heat went up against the Warriors, in which Magane for the Warriors did not play. The Heat were unable to get the job done as they lost, 65-61, in a close game. “The Heat will constantly be on the rise despite this 0-2 record, so do not sleep on us,” said junior Chris McLean.
  9. Mavericks: ( – ) W vs. Nets – L vs. Bulls: The Mavericks stay at the number nine seed as they were able to take care of the Nets, 77-34. Against the Bulls, the Mavericks were unable to bring home their second win in two games, falling short of an undefeated start. The trio of seniors Joe Lynch and Ian Hollister along with junior Drew Von Klock will be looking for the easy win this Sunday against the Lakers after a tough matchup with the Magic on Saturday. “We are a pretty good team and were unlucky to lose against the Bulls. We should be 2-0, do not sleep on the Mavericks,” Von Klock said.
  10. Wizards: ( – ) W vs. 76ers – L vs. Cavaliers: The Wizards started off their season with just a 10 point victory over the 76ers for their first win. On Sunday, their eyes were opened after falling to the Cavaliers, 86-47. After a mediocre start, the Wizards should be nervous for their future in this league. “All our problems are internal. Myself along with [Tom] Walsh need to improve. Even at 1-1, we still need to improve,” senior James Ofgant said.
  11. Spurs: ( ↑ ) W vs. Celtics – W vs. 76ers (OT): The Spurs began their season against the Celtics on Saturday, with a 31 point victory as junior Jackson Wohler was on fire from behind the arc. On Sunday, the Spurs went up against the 76ers and required overtime at the end of regulation. The Spurs won, 83-77, as senior Brandon Spitz and Wohler led them to their second win. “We have a lot of players in this league that are all challenging to play against. For myself, I was not in top shape, so expect me to get better and be one of those challenging players. Hopefully by improving I can make my team better,” Spitz said.
  12. Nuggets: ( ↑ ) L vs. Magic – W vs. Lakers: On opening day, the Nuggets fell to a good Magic team after only putting up 38 points. Against the Lakers, the Nuggets were unchallenged in the 31 point victory. Leading the charge for the Nuggets is junior Conor Copponi as they sit at the number 12 seed. “Our team started from the bottom but now we are 1-1. To all the haters, I’ll see you soon,” Copponi said.
  13. Celtics: ( ↓ ) L vs. Spurs – L vs. Thunder: Dropping down to the number thirteen seed, the Celtics had a rough start to the season with two losses against the Spurs and the Thunder. Senior Brendan Moser and the rest of the Celtics lost by more than 20 points in both their games. “So far, the first two games were just a warm-up and now we will show the league how good we are,” senior Faris Ghantous said.
  14. Nets: ( – ) L vs. Mavericks – L vs. Magic: Coach Croak and the Nets began the season, 0-2, after taking on two tough teams of the Mavericks and the Magic. Senior Darius Martinez was ruled out for both games due to an illness and senior Dennis Crowley could only attended their game against the Mavericks. The Nets could not handle the load in both their games, losing by as much as 43 points to the Mavericks. The Nets remain the number fourteen seed. “I was not able to make our first game, which we lost by 43 points. But, when I showed up we made a quick turnaround, losing a close game on Sunday. Teams may be able to score on one of our lines, but when I play, people have to prove they can stop us,” Crowley said.
  15. 76ers: ( – ) L vs. Wizards – L vs. Spurs (OT): The 76ers started their season with a loss against the Wizards that was a close game as they only lost by 10 points. On Sunday, they took on the Spurs, losing in overtime by six points. Senior Frank Famiglietti dropped 42 points on Sunday alone as the 76ers lost their second game to remain the number fifteen seed. “It is frustrating when you have to do all the work but do not get the results you want,” Famiglietti said.
  16. Lakers: ( – ) L vs. Rockets – L vs. Nuggets: The helpless Lakers sit at the bottom of the Power Rankings as they start their season, 0-2. With their two losses coming from a talented Rockets team and the young Nuggets, senior Ethan Kelley did as much as he could, but it was not enough to get the job done. “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” Kelley said.