Gallery: Senior Eva Clarke Models for Former Walpole Resident’s Fashion Show

Catherine Hurwitz, Online Managing Editor and Entertainment Editor

On Feb. 8 at King Philip High School, former Walpole High student Kat Caravaggio held a fashion show with 16 of her original designs. Caravaggio designed and handmade the outfits for the eight models, including senior Eva Clarke.

Like Caravaggio, Clarke is an AP art student, so she understands the hard work put into planning and executing designs. At the fashion show, she modeled two outfits: a black dress, as well as a black shirt with a red skirt.

“It was really nerve-racking the first walk, but I really started to enjoy it by the second. It was a great experience,” Clarke said. “Kat made some beautiful pieces, and I met all the girls the day of, and they are such great people, so kind and welcoming.”

All of the pieces modeled are part of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Start-Up Business Plan project called CARAVAGGIO. All clothing in the CARAVAGGIO line is high end, and Caravaggio aims to empower women to feel confident in her authentic designs. In the future, Caravaggio will attend art school and further develop her brand.

The proceeds from the show will benefit the Child Labor Coalition, a branch of the National Consumers’ League whose mission is to end child labor and promote safety for working minors.

“It all went to a good cause, and I loved seeing all the beautiful pieces and how each girl brought personality to each outfit,” Clarke said.