“Celebrity Big Brother” Third Week Recap

Ashley Kuropatkin, Assistant News Editor

Spoiler alert! If you are behind on some episodes, come back to this article after you watch!

Eight houseguests remain at the start of the third week of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Before the previous eviction, the houseguests decided that they would vote unanimously. The vote surprised the last Head of Household (HOH), Tom Green, as he believed the votes would be tied.

The next episode held the next HOH competition, Power of Veto (POV) competition and live eviction. The HOH competition required the celebrities to challenge each other, two at a time. They would be shown three images, and had to select the one with a photoshop error. Whoever selected the correct answer first would advance to the next round. In the final round, Tamar Braxton faced Kato Kaelin; however, Braxton chose the winning answer milliseconds before Kaelin, making her the new HOH.

Braxton nominated Kaelin and Green, as the houseguests have started to become wary towards their alliance. The POV competition went underway shortly after, and the celebrities watched a performance by the comedian Gallagher, where he smashed differents foods and substances into the crowd. After, the six POV players—Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, Kaelin, Green, and Braxton—answered a series of true or false questions about the performance, administered by Julie Chen on the live show. Jones correctly answered all seven questions and won the POV. She decided to not use the power and keep nominations the same.

The final nominees were Kaelin and Green. Before the eviction, Chen also announced that the Power of the Publicist has expired; furthermore, Braxton did not have to use the power because she was already safe as the HOH. After both nominees delivered heartfelt goodbye speeches, the celebrities evicted Kaelin with a vote of 5-0.

Green was very surprised that he did not get evicted. The next HOH competition was critical for the houseguests, as many are divided amongst their alliances. The competition was hosted by former celebrity houseguest, Omarosa. The celebrities had to challenge each other in life-size dice, and Green became the next HOH after beating Natalie Eva Marie in the final round.

Green is the first celebrity houseguest this season to win HOH for a second time. He had many different plans during his HOH reign, and all of them included targeting the bedroom alliance of Ricky Williams, Jones, Eva Marie and Braxton. Green ended up nominating Williams and Eva Marie. On the other hand, Lohan talked to Braxton and Burruss about her love life outside of the house, and the others accused her of falling victim to catfishing.

The next episode included the infamous double eviction, where two houseguests were sent home in one night. All of the celebrities participated in the POV competition, except Jones. The competition followed an old-fashioned movie theme, where the houseguests had to watch a sequence of colors, then answer a question about the order after. Green won the POV, which allowed him to be in full power during his HOH.

Green wanted to use the POV on Eva Marie to ensure Williams’s eviction; however, he shocked the houseguests by using the POV on Williams. Jones was named as the replacement nominee, making Eva Marie and herself the final nominees. By a vote of 4-0, Eva Marie was sent home, and the power duo between the two women has been broken up.

The final Celebrity Breaking News twist was unleashed on the house, and revealed that there would be an extra battle for safety before the double eviction. The celebrities had 90 seconds to find camouflaged people within the house, then lock in their guess. The correct answer was 22 people, and Braxton won safety with the closest answer of 19.

Only Jones, Williams, Lohan and Burruss competed in the live HOH competition. The HOH required the celebrities to determine how many camouflaged people were missing from the original safety competition. Jones became HOH with a perfect answer of seven, and she nominated Green and Burruss shortly after.

The live POV competition consisted of the houseguests watching a video starring former “Celebrity Big Brother” houseguests, Ross Mathews and Metta World Peace. After, they had to answer true or false questions regarding the video. Braxton and Williams advanced to a tiebreaker round, and Braxton won the POV with the closest numerical answer. She did not use the POV.

The final nominees for the double eviction were Green and Burruss, and by a vote of 3-0, Green was sent home. Many of the celebrities feared Green, as he was a very strong competitor. Now, the final five celebrity houseguests will enter the final week of the game, with the hopes of winning the $250,000 grand prize.