Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is the Pinnacle of Her Career

Charlotte Clarke, Graphics Editor

After Taylor Swift’s “reputation” era, fans believed that the melodic country star they had initially grew to love was completely lost, replaced with a vengeful pop icon. However, on Aug. 23, Taylor Swift finally released her sixth No. 1 chart topper and seventh full-length studio release, “Lover.” “Lover” is the culmination of Swift’s career as she returns to her roots with romantic, playful ballads while maintaining an unmatched lyrical sophistication that once again raises the bar for pop artists.

Swift released her first single “ME!” featuring Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco on April 26, and the reaction from fans was hardly positive. Fans described the song as juvenile and airy, causing some to lose hope for her upcoming album. However, on Swift’s previous album, “reputation” her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” also had fans questioning her new style. Swift’s tactic of dropping her most controversial tracks first keeps her fans on the edge of their seats and raises anticipation for the full album release.

She then released “You Need To Calm Down” on June 14, as her big LGBTQ+ rights statement. After years of silence regarding her political views, Swift has recently become very outspoken in her support for the community. In the upbeat anthem, Swift fights against homophobia as she states, “shade never made anybody less gay,” and she preaches for acceptance and equality.

Then, “The Archer” came next on July 23, a somber, intimate ballad that can be compared to her previous works of “All Too Well” and “White Horse,” as it is an emotional and deeply personal track. Then finally came the last single before the full release of the 18-track album, on Aug. 16, Swift released “Lover.” Swift has been in a strong relationship with boyfriend of over two years, Joe Alwyn, and on this track it becomes clear she really is in love. “Lover” is the most romantic song Swift has released to date as her lyrics are a love letter to Alwyn. The level of intimacy Swift displays in this track has made it a highly regarded fan-favorite.

Finally, on Aug. 23, Swift dropped her full 18-track album, “Lover,” which was met with extremely positive reviews from both fans and critics. Swift occupied 14 of the top 15 tracks on the Spotify charts and sold 450,000 units in its first day, dethroning the Jonas Brothers’ “Happiness Begins” which was previously 2019’s biggest release. “Lover” is
Swift’s sixth consecutive debut on top the Billboard top charts. This achievement has gained her the title of most consecutive number one albums by a female artist, tied with only Beyonce. The triumphs of this album are a telltale sign as to how stunning “Lover” is.

On “Lover,” the singles are not even the most impressive tracks. Swift’s striking songs like “Cruel Summer” and “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” provide the depth necessary to achieve such a successful album. Whether people are fans or dislike Swift, there is no denying her immense talent and success. She continues to evolve and reinvent herself to keep fans on their toes, while maintaining the foundation of love and vulnerability that made fans fall in love with her music 13 years ago. Even in the months following its release, “Lover” continues to dominate music charts around the world. Although Swift’s music has undergone numerous transformations over the course of her career, “Lover” proves that her sincerity and ability to connect with listeners is untouchable.