Harmful or Helpful: Two Reporters Debate the Ban on Vaping

Will the Massachusetts Ban on Vape Products Be Effective in the Long Run?


Charlotte Clarke

Because vape stores in Massachusetts closed, the black market expands its horizons.

YES, the ban on vaping is effective.

By Amy Gordon

In the last few months, there have been 18 deaths caused by vaping, as well as at least 1,080 vaping-related illnesses all over the country. One of these deaths, as well as 29 other cases, has been recognized in Massachusetts. Putting a four-month ban on the sale of vaping products will decrease the number of these illnesses and deaths in the state, as it will make these products much harder to buy. In these circumstances, any decrease in vape-related product sales is effective to the state.

This ban forces users to drive outside of the area to buy vape-related products, making the purchase harder and time consuming. In completing this one simple task, people might find that they can no longer buy as many products as they used to, because they simply do not have the time, causing sales to decrease.

When users find that vaping is so much harder to do with this ban, they may find that it is no longer worth it to waste their gas money on going out-of-state every week. After these four months, it is possible that users decide to take a break from vaping, or even just decrease the time they spend vaping.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop every person from vaping and using e-cigarettes with a simple ban, and there will always be those who find a way around it because of their addictions. This ban, however, will make vaping harder to do, so many people will have trouble purchasing vapes and using them as often. Even if it only causes a part of the vaping population to stop, that can make a huge difference in decreasing the amount of deaths and vape-related illnesses. In these circumstances, any decrease in vape-related product sales is effective to the state and its citizens.

NO, the ban on vaping is ineffective.

By Danielle Abril

Beginning in late September and ending in late January, the sell of vapes or vaping products in Massachusetts has been made illegal for four months. However, as vaping-related illnesses have affected all ages of people that have been using e-cigarettes for any given amount of time, what does four months do?

Since people can no longer purchase anything in Massachusetts, they have started to drive to places such as Connecticut and New Hampshire, as there has been a similar ban in Rhode Island. In addition, there is another issue: the black market.

The ban does not simply make one free of vaping. In fact, it makes people even more desperate. For example, if one aims to continue vaping, they get in contact with friends or mere acquaintances that have either ordered something or have been buying supplies in other places. Buying unpackaged material can be dangerous for a variety of reasons.

According to the Washington Post, black market operators are using substitutes to dilute THC oil in order to produce more product. They fill recycled cartridges that can pass as something that is seemingly store bought. This is extremely unsafe, as ingredients are misleading, and the chemicals that one is inhaling are truly unknown.

In addition to the chemicals being unsafe, it is also possible to contract diseases and experience issues related to unsanitary cartridges that are not properly redistributed. For example, as one vapes through their mouth, they may be contracting an STD. Also, those with food allergies may be exposed indirectly to the food that they are allergic to.

The ban is ineffective simply because it makes people more desperate and could lead to an eventual increase of vaping related illnesses.