Juniors Should Be Able to Leave Study Last Block


Graphic/ Meghan McNeil

The start of the 2022 school year not only brought new classes to students, but a new enforcement as well. Juniors and underclassmen cannot leave their last block studies although given the privilege in past years. Only seniors are allowed to leave during these studies, but why are juniors not allowed this benefit too?

During the 2021-2022 school year, all students of all grade levels were allowed to leave during last block study halls. This procedure was even in place during the 2020-2021 school year, but has recently been removed as of this year. This enforcement applies to juniors and underclassmen, but the students that were more so affected by this news were the juniors.

Several juniors have their license and have access to a car. Even students that cannot drive or do not have access to a car often find other ways of transportation home that do not rely on them waiting for the bus to arrive at 2:05 pm, such as getting rides from their peers. Since these students potentially have more accessibility when it comes to leaving school than underclassmen do, one could argue that it is deemed unfair that they should be forced to stay. 

Not only does this enforcement greatly affect those who participate in after school sports, but those also in clubs and who have after school jobs and responsibilities. 

“Between volleyball season, and after school activities, I find it very difficult to manage my time.” Junior Carly Schlittler said. “It would be so much easier if I had the opportunity to go home a little earlier during these blocks and get ready.”

It could be argued that freshmen and sophomores should be allowed this privilege too, however, underclassmen should stay due to transportation issues, and then be allowed the privilege when they become upperclassmen. If underclassmen were able to leave during their last block studies, parents and guardians would have to pick them up, as students in these grades cannot yet drive. This could be stressful for these guardians as the lines for pick-up would be long and could conflict with their schedules. 

It is known that senior and junior year are among the most difficult in high school, meaning it would be more beneficial for these students to be allowed this entitlement as it could help with time management. Students would be able to go home and do things there that they may not be able to do while in school.

Others may argue that it is beneficial for the juniors to stay during their last block studies, but allowing juniors to leave will not be taking away their opportunity to stay. Having a study block is extremely beneficial as a student can visit teachers that they need extra help with, complete homework and other assignments or work on something that one cannot complete at home like an art project for example. This privilege would not be taken away if juniors could be able to leave, as they would still be able to make the choice to stay if desired.