Belle and the Beast are Back on DVD


Belle and The Beast Return on DVD.

It is the tale as old as time. “Beauty and the Beast” is a beloved classic for all generations and is a spectacular musical. From enchanting candlesticks and dancing feather dusters to the blossoming of love between two unlikely characters, “Beauty and the Beast” is an amazing visual masterpiece.

The movie opens to Belle, the heroine, walking into town with the residents singing about how strange the girl really is. The townspeople’s analysis of Belle makes her an outcast. However, Gaston, a brutal chauvinistic man, realizes he needs to marry Belle, no matter how strange she is. Belle’s father, Maurice, is an inventor known to the town as crazy. When one of Maurice’s inventions finally works he heads off to a convention with his horse. Belle stays behind where Gaston asks her to marry him and plans a surprise wedding; she declines, and then runs away to a meadow. Meanwhile, Maurice turns the wrong way in the woods, where he is attacked by wolves. Maurice gets away from the woods, where he is attacked by wolves. Maurice gets away from the wolves, and looks for protection in a mysterious castle. Maurice’s appearance at the castle upsets the Beast, who throws the inventor into the dungeon.          

When Belle eventually looks for Maurice, and discovers the castle with her father in the dungeon. Belle pleads for her father’s release to the Beast. The consensus to Maurice’s release is Belle will stay in the castle forever. During her time at the castle, Belle learns to love the Beast, for who he is on the inside. Belle overcomes the prejudice of society, when falling in love with the Beast, realizing that beauty is on the inside.       

The film is not only a timeless love story, but a beautiful musical and a classic that remains in the hearts of children everywhere. While the latest ‘Diamond-edition’ of “Beauty and the Beast” does not have any additional music, the 2002 edition of the film included a new song called, “Human Again.” Out of all the music on the soundtrack the most memorable song is “Be Our Guest,” sung by the hysterical candelabra Lumière, the maternal teapot, Mrs. Potts, and the faithful clock, Cogsworth. “Be Our Guest,” nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes, brings out the true personalities of the enchanted characters as well as big smiles and bright grins to everyone watching. The very beguiling song, “Beauty and the Beast,” truly brought out the genuine princess expectations that come along with Disney. A picturesque ballroom and exquisite dancing, due to magnificent animation, make vivid retentions in all who viewed the spectacular number.    

This Disney classic has traditional 2-D animation, while movies now widely use computer generated animation; this makes the film unique and an overall film gem. Few movies use 2-D animation, to much dismay. However, in the most recent Disney film, “The Princess and the Frog,” the creators use Disney’s time honored technique making the animation have a modern and refreshing style.

“Beauty and the Beast” is dazzling, exquisite, elegant and unforgettable.  The Classical tale shows how much the power of love can affect unlikely characters and how beauty is simply from within a heart not physical facades and bigotry.  Award-winning, life-altering and awe-inspiring to each and every one, “Beauty and the Beast” is a tale to be told forevermore, an ageless story that will carry on throughout all generations.