The Rebellion’s Christmas List 2019


Looking for last minute gift ideas for teens? You’ve come to the right place! Here is the 2019 Rebellion Staff Christmas List.

  1. White Nike Air Force 1s- Comfortable and stylish low top sneakers. They are really in style, so they may be difficult to find, but they are on every high school girl’s wish list!
  2. Lulu Lemon Jacket- Layer on this warm, lightweight jacket when hitting the hiking trails or heading to the studio. Anything Lulu Lemon is a great gift idea.
  3. iPhone 11- The latest iPhone may be expensive, but your teenager will be forever thankful to receive it.
  4. Uggs- They’re making a comeback! The latest Ugg fashion is the Classic Short Ugg, which is super comfy and fashionable.
  5. Apple Watch- These watches are attractive to the eye and also practical due to their ability to receive texts and track workouts.
  6. Kate Spade Wallet- Designer Kate Spade wallets are the perfect gift! They are cute and stylish, but also super useful.
  7. Doc Martens- Another new boot trend is black Doc Marten boots. They may seem a bit edgy, but they’re definitely in style!
  8. Airpods- Any and all Apple products make great gifts. The Airpods are cheaper than the phone and watch, so this could be a better option!
  9. Taylor Swift Concert Tickets- With only two of these concerts in the country, it will be an experience of a life time!
  10. Lulu Lemon Leggings- Again, Lulu! Their leggings are great quality and last years past other brands. Also, they can be returned if ripped at any point.