Meet the Captains: Gymnastics

Lauren Celardo 


When did you first begin playing this sport?


Sixth grade.


Do you want to continue this sport in college?




If yes, are you committed for this sport? To what school?




Who was a prominent coach in your sports career? Why?


My high school coach, Kady Sullivan, has been very dedicated to us over the last few years and has taught us all to be not only better gymnasts, but also to be more responsible and motivated in general. 


What other activities/clubs are you involved in?


NHS, Spring Track, Speech Team, French Club, Journalism.


How do you feel going into this season?


We lost some good athletes last year, but I’m excited to get to know the new girls and get back into the competitive season. 


What are some goals set for the team this coming season?/How do you plan to achieve these goals?


Our biggest goal is usually to improve individually and place higher than last year at our Bay State league meet at the end of the year.


Who are some big opponents/rivals? Why?

Last year we won against Braintree and Brookline-Westwood, so we will have to work to keep that record. Newton North and Natick are usually some of the strongest teams we compete against. 


Sarah Brennan


Did not respond to survey.