Disney Releases Box Office Hit “Frozen II”

Katerina Gebhardt, Entertainment Editor

Children love it, parents wish they could get the songs out of their heads: Disney’s “Frozen” has been the obsession of countless children since its release in 2013. Now, both parents and children have the opportunity to dive into another ther adventure with their favorite Disney princesses in “Frozen II,” released in November 2019. 

“Frozen II” takes place three years after the original movie, and the kingdom of Arendelle is prospering and happy under the reign of Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel). However, Elsa starts hearing a mysterious voice calling out to her, and in her attempt to find the source, accidentally awakens the angry spirits of the enchanted forest of Northuldra. Elsa, Anna (Kristen Bell), Olaf (Josh Gad), Kristoff and Sven (both voiced by Jonathan Groff) must travel to the enchanted forest and right the wrongs of the past. 

Unlike the original movie, the plot of “Frozen II” is confusing at times, and the conflict lacks a strong backstory. In the original “Frozen,” viewers could easily pick out the source of the conflict, whereas in the sequel, it is unclear until the later half of the movie. The plot comes out of nowhere, with the most background coming from a story the princesses were told as children. However, the message of the story is poignant, and viewers will be wiping away tears by the end of the film. 

In addition, “Frozen II” features seven new songs, sung by the incredible voice actors, all of whom are Broadway veterans. The movie’s strongest song is “Into the Unknown,” sung by Idina Menzel, who is known for her powerful vocals and incredible range. The movie’s soundtrack will undoubtedly become the obsession of thousands of children and the earworm of thousands of parents, as it is magical, beautiful and fun. 

The movie’s humor is very noticeable, and lightens up what could otherwise be a tense film. Olaf, for example, is growing up and dealing with the stresses of the world and life. In his song “When I am Older,” he sings about how the strange and scary things that are happening to him and his friends will make sense in the future, a feeling many in the younger generation share. Kristoff and Sven, as usual, provide their own comic relief, with Kristoff struggling to tell Anna just how much she means to him. “Frozen II” has a much more comedic feel than the original movie, which is refreshing. 

Additionally, “Frozen II” touches on the theme of grief, something which is uncommon for this type of movie. In the film, Anna and Elsa struggle with their parents’ death and the circumstances surrounding it, dealing with feelings of loss and guilt that are rarely seen in Disney. For being such a comedic movie, “Frozen II” does a good job expressing more serious themes without making the movie seem dark and depressing. 

“Frozen” is one of the most popular Disney movies ever made, and “Frozen II” had a lot to live up to considering its predecessor’s legacy. However, “Frozen II” surpassed expectations, proving to be a quality movie rather than just a money grab by Disney executives. While the plot could be confusing, the music, humor, and good old Disney fun make “Frozen II” a movie to remember.