Students Repopularize Polaroid Cameras

Ways To Give Modern Photos a Vintage Look With Trendy Cameras

With all of today’s modern technology, it would seem counterintuitive that many people still rely on trends of the past to get the perfect photo. However, Polaroid and disposable cameras have become very popular with Generation Z for their retro vibe.

Forget the Instagram feeds filled with countless selfies taken on an iPhone and edited with innumerable filters— the overexposed, grainy, saturated and light streaked photos produced by old-school disposables have taken over social media. With their finite number of shots, disposable cameras have become commonplace for teens endeavoring to capture candids of their memories.

Celebrities have also been seen snapping pictures with disposables. Models Gigi Hadid and Adesuwa Aighewi opt for the more authentic disposable camera at fashion shows. Social media star David Dobrik has built a brand around disposables with his Instagram account @davidsdisposable and app with the same name. Dobrik’s app allows the user to take disposable-style photos on their phone, with the option to order and print the photos in their home.

Disposable cameras are not the only vintage device that have seen a recent uptick in popularity. Polaroid cameras are popular for their instant-print feature and retro look similar to that of disposables. Many people also create photo walls with their Polaroid pictures because these instant photos create great reminders of past memories.

In Urban Outfitters, a plethora of film products—including Polaroids, disposables and even vintage film cameras—can be found. For both disposables and Polaroids, one popular brand is Fujifilm. With their promise to satisfy new photographers as well as traditionalists, Fujifilm’s products comprise of lenses, film and cameras. Although these trendy cameras can be expensive, many photo editing apps are able to create the same effect. A similar app to Dobrik’s, Huji Cam makes iPhone pictures look like they were taken on a disposable. These pictures are complete with light streaks, saturation and even time stamps. VSCO, a very popular app, offers many filters and editing elements along with a social media aspect where the photos can be posted. There are even apps that have borders so photos can look like they were taken on a Polaroid.

Another affordable option is an actual 35mm camera, which can be bought for more cost-effective prices and found on Ebay or thrift stores. Film for these cameras can be purchased on Amazon or Urban Outfitters.

For many, it is not just the photo that has a vintage feel, but it is the feeling of unpredictability that comes with the experience of using a disposable or instant-film camera. These popular appliances can be used to capture memories from vacations, prom or just a fun night in with friends. As cell phone addiction is on the rise in today’s generation, these convenient cameras are a fun alternative when trying to disconnect, but still get those shots for Instagram or a photo wall.