Justin Bieber Announces Comeback To the Music Industry

Bieber Welcomes 2020 With a New Single, Album, Documentary and Tour



“Yummy,” Bieber’s new single, was released on Jan. 3.

Ashley Kuropatkin, Editor-in-Chief

At the end of 2019, Justin Bieber announced his return to the music industry as a solo artist after a brief hiatus. Despite not releasing an album for five years, Bieber maintained his strong reputation; he continued to collaborate with other artists on a variety of popular songs, some of which include “I Don’t Care” with Ed Sheeran and “10,000 Hours” with Dan + Shay.

Recently, Bieber flooded his social media accounts with posts regarding his upcoming work, using the slogan “Bieber 2020” to emphasize his plans for the new year. He posted three dates—Dec. 24, Dec. 31 and Jan. 3—to foreshadow his announcements.

On Dec. 24, Bieber made the official announcement regarding his comeback: a new single, album, documentary series and tour are in store for 2020. On Dec. 31, Bieber released the official trailer for his new documentary series, entitled “Seasons.” The series will highlight Bieber’s private life, as it will give viewers insight on his marriage along with recently announced news of Bieber’s past battle with Lyme Disease and other illnesses.

Finally, on Jan. 3, Bieber released his first solo single in five years: “Yummy.” The long-awaited song is a blend of pop, rap and R&B, and in the song, Bieber makes many references to his wife, Hailey Baldwin. Aside from promoting his newest release on his other social media platforms, Bieber also created a TikTok account to give “Yummy” exposure.

For the most part, the new single has been very successful since its release, earning a top spot on the iTunes and Billboard charts. The song has been played on many radio stations and has been increasing in popularity on a variety of streaming services. However, some fans dislike Bieber’s new sound and reminisce on his older songs. Nevertheless, fans remain supportive of Bieber during his comeback, and are excited to experience his upcoming work.

Regarding the newest album, Bieber has not officially set a release date, but fans should expect the album sometime within 2020. Bieber feels that his upcoming music is different from his previous works, as his personal life has also changed. In the trailer for his new documentary series, Bieber stated “I feel like this is different from the previous albums just because of where I’m at with my life.”

Bieber will also be embarking on a tour in the United States and Canada from May to September. International dates have not been posted, but fans anticipate that Bieber will release more tour dates soon. On Sept. 17, Bieber will be performing at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.