Taylor Swift Opens up About Life Under the Spotlight in Hit Film “Miss Americana”

Fans Appreciate Swift’s Glowing Personality, Honesty and Passion in New Documentary

Since releasing her first album at the age of 16, Taylor Swift has become a cultural icon for her music, fashion, feuds and personality. “Miss Americana” was released on Netflix on Jan. 31, and since then has attracted the attention of thousands—if not millions—of Swift fans. The documentary was directed by Lana Wilson and features Swift, her parents, colleagues and cats. Swift opens up about life under the spotlight, the rises and falls of her career and her personal growth in one captivating and heartfelt documentary.

Swift’s storytelling in her lyrics has attracted fans for years, and her candidness is highlighted in “Miss Americana” to a new extent. The documentary opens with Swift speaking directly to the viewers while looking through old songbooks and playing with her cats—the lovable Swift content that fans have come to expect. Similar to her newest music video “Christmas Tree Farm,” Swift highlights footage from home videos. Swift also opens up for the first time about her struggles with body image and dieting after continuous pressure from media, demonstrating her true ability to connect to the struggles that so many people face every day. By describing everything that she has gone through, Swift is able to highlight her own personal growth and development, as she has had to take a serious look at her own morals, character and actions in the past few years.

Wilson formed an intimate relationship with Swift in order to allow fans a glimpse into her songwriting process, her relationship with her parents and her honest feelings about an issue. In one scene, Swift works with Panic! At the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie in their recording of hit song “Me!” and in another scene, Swift’s mother tells Swift about her experience in chemotherapy.

Swift also speaks candidly about her experiences in her sexual assault trial in 2017 and how that inspired her to use her platform as a celebrity to make a difference in the world both politically and culturally. “Miss Americana” shows Swift’s impact in the 2018 midterm election, and Swift’s genuine connection and devotion to politics. More recently, Swift has advcated for LGBTQ rights in her song “You Need to Calm Down” and her support for the Equality Act, which was able to be officially recognized by Congress in part due to her rallying support for a petition.

Swift recognizes the way many fans feel that they essentially grew up with her because of her long and dynamic music career. Swift herself admits that nearing thirty, she has grown up of her own to do. Fans are reminded why they fell in love with Swift years ago while experiencing Swift’s emotional journey when watching “Miss Americana.”

In 2007, Swift was nominated for her first Grammy for Best New Artist, and since then has won 10 Grammy awards and been nominated for 35. Swift has been nominated for three Golden Globes, won many VMAs, AMAs and other various awards, making her career one of the most notable in music history.

Arguably one of the most surprising twists in “Miss Americana” was Swift’s release of a new single “Only the Young,” a self proclaimed anthem for youth who create change in society, and a nod to political events and cultural changes. Swift’s willingness to admit the mistakes she has made in the past, such as how she would focus solely on appearing as a “good girl” at the start of her career and her failure to stand up for what was right, only cause fans to adore her even more.

With a career as long, controversial and famous as Swift’s, it is difficult to fit in her entire narrative into a 85 minute movie; however, some fans were disappointed with the lack of acknowledgement of Swift’s latest battle with her producer after issues regarding the rights to Taylor’s music.

Swift’s latest album “Lover” highlights her personal growth as demonstrated in the film, and the film as a whole also provides new meaning to each and every song written by her. Swift is going on tour for “Lover,” but has only announced three locations in the United States: Atlanta, Los Angeles and Foxborough. Despite the future of her career being unknown, Swift assures fans of her genuine commitment to herself, her fans and music in the filmatic phenomenon that is “Miss Americana.”