The Three Stages of Preparing for Spring

Easy Tips and Tricks for the Upcoming Spring Season

Spring is rapidly approaching, and WHS students can welcome the new season with a healthier and happier lifestyle. The time for hibernation is over, but exercising and eating right can only help develop healthy habits going into spring and summer. Not sure of how to start fresh? No worries, here are a few tips to help make the most of spring.


Step 1: Declutter 

The phrase “spring cleaning” appropriately describes tasks every student can take in purging winter depression from their life. A new season means another is ending, so bedrooms, backpacks and cars can often be left incredibly unkempt. Conquer each mess by sorting through necessities, trash and winter items that can be swapped for spring essentials, and possibly, items to donate. A helpful hack is to tackle a section of one’s room and clean up that section before moving onto the next. Cleaning up section by section will not only be more efficient, but will most likely take less time. If some clothes or items can be donated, one can bring them to WHS’s textile donation bin, and they can be reused for the creation of new clothes or be given to people who need them. A clear space can equal a clear mind, and with such, one can be optimistic about the season’s warm promises.


Step 2: New Season, New Look

Perhaps winter has left its battle scars, but don’t fret—subtle changes to an appearance will feel reinvigorating. Finding cheap, but viable options of stores to buy new clothes, accessories and bathing suits is quite easy. Stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls have a varied selection of products for everyone and promise to reduce their prices from retail suggestions. Online stores, like Zaful, Shein and Romwe, have a vast assortment of spring clothes, bathing suits and accessories—all with extremely affordable prices. Fast fashion might not be the best for the environment, so opting out cheap online shopping for thrifting is also a great way to get cute and quality clothes for a reasonable price. If clothes are not the move, achieving a nice tanned glow might be the answer. If one is not spending his or her spring break on a beach,  a sun-kissed look, highlighting hair, getting nails done or self-tanning could fool anyone.


Step 3: Exercise and Eat Right

Exercising and eating healthy could probably be the most important step. Look and feel the best this spring by substituting healthy habits for old ones. If one cuts down on sugar and snacks, make it a challenge to eat healthy foods during the week and save things like excessive sugar, snacks and sweets for the weekends. Find healthy alternatives for favorites; for example, swap Ben & Jerry’s for homemade “nice” cream made from frozen bananas and peanut butter. Eating less junk food, desserts and fast food will be a positive change from the holiday sweets of the last three months.

In addition, quick but effective workouts can help to shed winter build-up and release happiness-generating endorphins. A quick search and scroll through Pinterest can give an abundance of options to get moving.

After a long and cold winter, implement some of these steps in your daily routine. Declutter a little bit of the room, car or anywhere else; go spring shopping on the weekends or change up a look; finally, start or maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious foods and exercise to enjoy spring break. Try, and find a balance of all three steps, and rock this spring! Summer is almost here!