How To Better Oneself During Quarantine

In the midst of all the chaos surrounding COVID-19, it can be easy to succumb to negativity as the news stories become increasingly worrisome and events that many looked forward to become cancelled. However, with all the darkness in the world right now, there is a light. Every previous year, the springtime has proved to be a somewhat chaotic period for many students, as it is chalked full of school events, spring sports and preparation for AP tests and finals, on top of the regular school workload. So through this period in quarantine, students are given the gift of time. An unexpected downtime where they can relax and focus on positive mental health and bettering themselves. There are a multitude of productive ways to spend this time to promote positivity and growth as a person. 

First off, quarantine is the perfect period in which one can begin to develop healthy habits. Without the stressful routine that drives some to neglect getting frequent exercise and clean eating, this is an opportunity to be rid of bad habits. There are an abundance of workout classes and videos online that are easily accessible and going for a run or bike ride can also be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. Moreover, it can be difficult to focus on eating healthy when one is couped up at home all day, but there are many healthy recipes online that will not only be beneficial to one’s health, but could also serve as a fun activity to cook with family members. Staying healthy during quarantine is a way to ease minds in knowing that through a time where health is in question, people are doing what they can to stay active and make the most of a difficult time. 

Additionally, this period is a great time to further one’s knowledge. As work loads are less than one would receive in a regular school day, students have plenty of time to expand their learning beyond the confines of the curriculum. Reading is an effective way to pass time and engaging in literature that one finds enjoyable rather than what is assigned by an English teacher is a great way to build reading comprehension. Also for juniors whose standardized testing was delayed, there is now plenty of time to complete practice SAT and ACT exams so students are more prepared for the tests. Also, Khan Academy offers many instructional videos to further knowledge in other subjects one enjoys.

Lastly, and arguably the most essential activity to better oneself in quarantine, is to relax. In this unexpected downtime, it is important that one focuses on their health and wellness. By having a consistent sleep schedule, taking time for oneself and practicing self care, one can develop a more rested and positive outlook on this time that seems so negative. There is no reason to be stressing over school work or anything else during quarantine, as it is a time to focus on health and using time effectively and beneficially to ease minds in such a difficult time.