Dua Lipa’s New Album Brings Much Needed Energy to the Music Industry

Katerina Gebhardt, Entertainment Editor

Since her first album’s debut in 2017, British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has risen to the top of global charts, and it is no surprise that her newest album, “Future Nostalgia,” has already gained global critical acclaim. Released on March 27— a week before its scheduled release date—Lipa’s new album brings energy and freshness to a music industry stifled by the coronavirus pandemic. 

With “Future Nostalgia,” Lipa has solidified her own unique place in the music world, mixing funky 90s beats with the themes of modern dance anthems. The album’s choruses are climactic and full of energy, a music trend that has recently started to go out of style. In contrast to the dark and slow themes more common in today’s pop, almost all of the songs in “Future Nostalgia” are upbeat and fast paced, making them the perfect songs to give oneself a bit of energy. 

While most of the album’s songs are upbeat love songs, Lipa makes a statement in her song “Boys Will Be Boys,” the most serious song on the album. In “Boys Will Be Boys,” Lipa reminds listeners of the MeToo movement, and how many of the challenges exposed by it still exist for women. In an album marked by its positive and fun themes, “Boys Will Be Boys” is a good reminder of reality. 

While the overall tone of the album is refreshing and fun, some of the songs can tend to blend together, as they all follow a similar theme. Most of the lyrics revolve around a simple love storyline, and most of the songs have similar momentous and vibrant choruses. The lack of variation can make the album seem very repetitive at times, but it is made up for by its high energy and distinctive sounds. 

With new music sputtering to a halt during the pandemic, Lipa’s new album promises to keep listeners entertained and energized until artists can begin to record and release new music. By differentiating herself from the new pop music norm, Lipa has pulled in audiences and found instant success with “Future Nostalgia,” captivating listeners around the globe who are looking for a little brightness in these dark times.