Miley Cyrus Releases “Endless Summer Vacation”


Photo/ Variety

Miley Cyrus released her new song “Flowers” on Jan. 12, 2023. The song has been holding on strong and has remained one of the most listened to songs, while claiming its sixth week on Billboard Global charts. The full album “Endless Summer Vacation” was released on March 10, 2023. Miley Cyrus has been seen as a controversial artist for the past couple of years, and this new album is what Cyrus’ career has been building up to, or so fans say.
Fans are convinced that the lyrics go back to Cyrus and her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus and Hemsworth were married in 2018, and only a couple months later they divorced, rumored to be caused by Hemsworth’s lack of faithfulness After five years, Cyrus released the song “Flowers”, which fans consider to be her stating the things Hemsworth had done and how it had hurt her, but also how Cyrus has grown and what the experience taught her.
Some listeners argue that the song is not about Hemsworth, while others argue against that point. Right from the beginning in the song “Flowers,” Cyrus sings “built a home and watched it burn.” The lyrics entail the past house that Cyrus and Hemsworth used to have together, but sadly their house burnt down in a huge Malibu fire. Throughout the whole album Cyrus hides back handed messages to an ex, sadness of a heartbreak, and ways to find yourself and recover after a heartbreak.
Throughout the song Cyrus shares a side of vulnerability and projects the idea to fans that it is okay to fall apart a little and feel hopeless, but in the end you will find yourself. The album consists of 13 songs, which all express peacefully moving on and finding oneself. The song “Flowers” highlights the mindset of self love and acknowledges struggles you may feel with yourself, but it is better to love yourself and know the love that you deserve. Not only does she highlight self love, but she also points out forgiveness and not feeling regret after something is over in a catchy and upbeat way, acknowledging the happiness it can bring.
With the new release of “Endless Summer Vacation” it is noticeable that Cyrus has matured and grown from many painful and unfortunate experiences she has gone through. Her lyrics project a number of meaningful and important messages.The lyrics are important for many young teens to hear and enforce the idea of self love and forgiveness, which is vital for young kids to understand at this age and for future experiences.
Not only is the song a good message for all listeners, but it is also catchy. It is an upbeat and happy song that fits right into the current popular music trends of this generation.“Flowers” is getting a lot of recognition and has made a successful song in a way with good music and a good message. She has proved to fans that she has grown as a person and matured by finding herself.
The album as a whole may lack some variety and many of the songs are repeating the same message of self love. However, when enjoying a whole album at once many listeners will want to keep the same mood and theme while listening. Cyrus knew what she was doing in order to please fans, and the album itself has proved many critics wrong in the sense that it will be just another album down the drain. Fans had high expectations when first hearing about Cyrus’ release of a new album, and she sure did not disappoint them.