Remote Learning Study Tips To Keep Motivated and Stay on Top of School Work


Caroline Applin, Layout Editor

Having the motivation to study and get work done during quarantine can be tough to manage, especially for students who do not have the right study habits. Recently, Walpole High School has followed a new day by day schedule, in which classes start at 9 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. Even with this strict schedule for class times, it is hard to stay motivated when there are an abundance of distractions.

To stay focused when studying, establishing a workspace that is away from distractions can be beneficial and more productive. Being near the television can be a huge distraction; instead, try to sit at a clean desk and get homework done. This can force one to start a routine. 

Junior Annika Massey agrees that a desk can be beneficial and has become a steady workspace for her. “I have set up a clean, clear space for me to work and study at the same time while simultaneously staying tranquil and relaxed,” Massey said. 

She mentions a point that is another factor when staying motivated: comfort. Although completing the school work is of the utmost importance, having the luxury of a comfortable chair or room can take off most of the edge and stress students have when studying. 

Another tip is goal setting. Setting goals and a specific time for starting and completing work can increase productivity and help with time management. Start by setting aside a time each day for studying. Then, add a deadline to a study session to stay productive for the whole period. Reserve time and stick to it. 

Like goal setting, planner notebooks are also a must-have for remote learning. Junior Anna Smith uses this tip by maintaining an organized daily schedule for getting school work done. 

“In my planner, I like to write down the tasks ahead and cross them off when I complete them. That way, I do not lose track of the assignments I still have to do,” Smith said.

Writing down these to-do lists is beneficial, but juggling all the assignments at once can be overwhelming. Junior Maeve Colburn says that taking one class and one assignment at a time can really help with time management and stress. Once one task is finished, she moves onto the next. 

One last tip is staying focused during class times. Before the online meeting, try getting prepared by taking out a notebook and pencil for notes, and anything else that is needed for the class. Even though your teacher may not be able to see you, concentrating and taking notes on the subject are good ways to stay engaged.

As education turns to remote learning, staying motivated, keeping up with school work and getting tasks done on time are the keys to getting through the rest of the school year.