Jonas Brothers Release Second Documentary “Happiness Continues”

Ashley Kuropatkin, Editor-in-Chief

The Jonas Brothers surprised their fans with a text saying “Happiness Continues…” on April 21, leaving many wondering about the band’s future plans. Two days later, the boys posted the official trailer for their second Amazon Prime Video documentary, “Happiness Continues: A Jonas Brothers Concert Film,” announcing that it would be available to watch at midnight on April 24. The film follows Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas on their journey through the “Happiness Begins Tour,” giving fans a behind the scenes look on the tour preparation, family life and live footage from some of the concerts. 

“Happiness Continues” follows the band’s first documentary, “Chasing Happiness,” which was released last year. Their previous film provided viewers with insight into the life of the Jonas family, showing high and low points within the boys’ fame and careers. However, this film focuses more on the band’s successful tour since their reunion in early 2019. 

The documentary gives fans the ability to relive their previous concert experiences, as a majority of the songs from the setlist are recorded live from shows specifically in Miami, New York City, Chicago, Vancouver and Mexico City. Even though the boys played over 70 shows in North America and more across the globe, they were only able to capture a minor portion of the tour. Even though the film captures almost the entirety of a show, many fans were upset that some songs were left out of the documentary, including the infamous “Mandy’s Megamix.” The 10 minute mix included parts of older songs that were not able to be fully played, but the brothers still wanted to honor their original fans by performing some of their past hits. 

The Jonas Brothers crafted their setlist to include songs that are both new and old to accomodate for all of the fans who attended the show. Viewers have the ability to watch the live performances of “Rollercoaster,” “Cool,” “SOS,” “Only Human,” “Fly With Me,” “Lovebug,” “Used To Be,” “Hesitate,” “Gotta Find You,” “Jealous,” “Cake By The Ocean,” “Comeback,” “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “I Believe,” “Year 3000,” “Burnin’ Up” and “Sucker.” The film also features some of the fan requests, including “Runaway,” “Hello Beautiful” and “Can’t Have You.”

Some songs even had unique performances, like “Lovebug,” when the film switched between the boys singing together in a large arena to Nick singing in a shower to get better acoustics. “Gotta Find You” also showcased a fan singing along with Joe. “Jealous” and “Cake By The Ocean” highlight Nick and Joe’s solo careers after the band broke up, and the camera switches between the duo signing during a show and practicing for rehearsal. Fans even got to see how the boys prepared for the encore of “Burnin’ Up” and “Sucker.”

Between each live song, viewers could see how the boys designed the stage for the tour, filmed videos for the background screen, picked out brightly colored outfits, performed pre-show rituals, rehearsed the setlist, interacted with fans and more. Other than tour preparation, the documentary also shined light on family life and what the boys do for fun; however, their idea of fun still consists of writing and recording new songs. 

Another behind the scenes aspect of “Happiness Continues” was an inside look into the boys’ private aftershow in Chicago, where only a limited number of fans were able to attend at a smaller venue. The brothers played some of their older songs, including “BB Good,” “Just Friends” and “Shelf” with their original band members. At the end of the film, “Sucker” also switches between the boys singing in a large arena compared to the smaller show. 

Throughout the film, the band continuously shows gratitude for their fans, as a majority of the documentary focuses on the fans who made this experience possible. The Jonas Brothers continue to focus on their relationship as brothers and as a family, in order to strengthen their bond and love for music. While the credits played at the end of “Happiness Continues,” the boys also surprised fans with a new song, “X,” featuring Karol G that has not yet been released. “Chasing Happiness” also contained this same surprise with the song “Jersey.” Because there is not much to do amidst the coronavirus pandemic, people can watch “Happiness Continues” to connect with the Jonas Brothers and relive their past concert experiences.