Class of 2020 Reflects on Their Senior Year Being Cut Short: Online Talk

2020 has been a wildly unpredictable year thus far. For many seniors, it was supposed to be an unforgettable year that would end their high school career on the highest note possible. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the class of 2020 has had this opportunity taken away from them. In writing this article, I had the chance to talk to many of these seniors about their final thoughts of their high school careers. Many of these seniors were sad about the cancellation of the rest of their senior year, but extremely grateful for their high school careers. One student, a Walpole High School senior and Eagle Scout—Matt Ferraro—reflected on his experience. 

“I can remember being in kindergarten and thinking about being an ‘old kid’ who got to graduate from high school. The class of 2020 will never have the chance to do that. Our final goodbye, prom, graduation, senior skip day and other school events have been canceled. Honestly, it puts life into perspective. I ask myself, With the time I spent in high school, did I take it for granted? I would say that most of the class of 2020 would say they did take it for granted.” 

Ferraro also offered some advice to me, as a rising senior. 

“I don’t remember who said this to me, but this woman asked me what year I was in high school. She said to me, make the most out of your senior year because it will fly by, and it truly does. Make sure you appreciate your friends and the time you have in school because It will soon be over.”

Many seniors feel that the abrupt closure of schools has been very tough to cope with. Senior Maggie Wall shared her opinion.

“Having my senior year cut short has been extremely difficult to emotionally process. From my last Film [Festival] to my last Pops Night Concert, my last spring play to the NHS Induction, my last chance to compete at the MICCA festival to the State Speech and Debate Championship, and of course the traditional prom and graduation ceremony among many other events, it seems as though everything I’ve spent my high school career working for and looking forward too simply evaporated.” 

Although this has been an extremely tough situation for everybody involved, one thing remains true above all else: the senior class of 2020 has shown to be one of the strongest and most resilient classes to ever graduate Walpole High School, and every single senior should be proud of the career they have made for themselves at Walpole High School.