What Helped Students Through the Initial COVID-19 Lockdown: Online Talk


As we have reached over a year since the initial COVID-19 lockdown Walpole High school students were asked what got them through the most isolating periods of quarantine.


Sarah ball, 2021 – “Meeting my friends in a parking lot and sitting on the top of our cars because it became a new, fun and safe way to socialize with my friends and it was nice to escape my family.”


Katie Gillis, 2022 – “Getting to watch movies with my family.”


Ben Skypeck, 2021 – “Mountain biking.” 


Meghan Riley, 2022 – “My dog because he motivated me to get up and do something everyday when I felt like I was doing nothing, which kept me active.”


Matt McLaughlin, 2022 – “Taco Bell.”


Caroline Applin, 2021 – “TikTok and sports.”


Dana Massey, 2023 – “TikTok because it gave me lots to stay busy with. It also allowed for the world to be connected when we could not see each other.”


Kathryn Tierney, 2021 – “FaceTime because I was able to connect with my friends, allowing for myself for some social interaction.”


Greg Tsougas, 2021 – “Bed. Cat. Food.”


Kate Devlin, 2022 – “Every streaming service in general, but lowkey Disney+.”


Anna Smith, 2021 – “Making smoothie bowls.”


Caroline Whelan, 2022 – “My dog because I would take him on walks and it took my mind off things.”